Hawaii Car Rental

How you will travel from place to place on your holiday is an important factor to consider. In some places, public transportation is so efficient and affordable that a car rental can be an unnecessary expense. In many other destinations, being without a car can be much more of a hindrance. Even though you'll save money by not renting your own vehicle, you could likely end up dishing out much more by paying for tours and taxis to visit attractions.

Car rentals in Hawaii are very popular and an ideal way to maximize holiday time on each of the islands. A car rental is highly recommended when visiting the Big Island, Maui or Kauai as public transit is virtually nonexistent. Waikiki Beach and the surrounding Honolulu area have a very efficient transport system with the trolley lines in Waikiki being the most popular. The Bishop Museum, Sea Life Park and Diamond Head are only a few of the many attractions that the trolley's three lines travel to. If you're planning on sticking around this area for your Hawaii holidays, opting out of a Hawaii rental car is a good choice.

With a small investment and a little bit of advanced planning car rentals in Hawaii can easily be found to suit many budgets. There are a few things to consider once you've decided to rent a vehicle including the time of year, the length of your Hawaii holidays, your pick up and drop off arrangements and the type of car you wish to rent. Perhaps it's the best deal that grabs your attention, or maybe it's a previous experience you've had with a company in the past that helps you decide.

During the summer, from the middle of June to mid August, and especially around the holiday season in December, Hawaii tourism is at its peak. With so many people receiving holiday time around Christmas, the second half of December is when many agencies raise their prices for Hawaii car rentals. Searching far in advance has its advantages. A Hawaii car rental should be arranged three to four months prior to peak seasons or it's likely you will not find a car or will be left with very few undesirable options. Both the Kona and Hilo Airports on Big Island tend to sell out of car rentals in Hawaii the fastest. There are also several companies who don't raise their rates over the peak seasons in alternating years. You'll find some companies that don't raise rates one year, but will raise them in another. Companies that offer flat rates usually change their prices yearly.

A week-long Hawaii car rental or longer usually has the best rate attached. Companies will often charge for five days and offer the next two at no additional charge. Another great way to get a good deal is to see if your hotel or vacation property offers any deals with accommodation. For instance, some Hawaii vacation rentals offer discounted car rentals in Hawaii with their properties. Upscale vacation rentals may even offer a choice between a luxury car rental and an exotic car rental for varying discount rates. Many Hawaii travel packages offer excellent discounts when you book your flight, hotel and car rental together, affording yet another way to enjoy holiday savings.

Pick-up and drop off times should be strictly adhered to in order to avoid extra charges. The best way to rent a car is in equal, 24-hour periods or you may end up paying a higher rate for odd hours. Hawaii car rentals can often be reserved with no cancellation fees. This is a great way to go as sometimes, in the slower periods, rates will drop. Check rates two weeks prior to your trip and if you do notice a lower rate, cancel your initial reservation without any penalties and make a new one to enjoy the savings.

Always check a variety of sources for Hawaii car rentals before you make reservations. Sometimes big rental agencies in Hawaii such as Avis, Budget and Hertz, offer Hawaii car rentals through their affiliates, at times for better rates, adding another reason to check all resources thoroughly. You should be able to find a rental that best suits your needs by accurately planning when you travel, how long you stay and researching various companies. In peak times it's also best to arrange any popular Hawaii tours well in advance as they tend to fill up quickly. With all arrangements taken care of, you'll be free to enjoy your holiday without any worries or added hassles.

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