Best Time to Visit Hawaii

The best time to visit Hawaii is during the spring and fall for a number of reasons. This may be somewhat confusing if you have not traveled to Hawaii and experienced the reliably amazing weather, reasonably priced accommodations, and lack of major tourist traffic during these times of the year, from the Big Island to Maui to Kauai.

Due to the fact that Hawaii’s tropical climate provides for nearly perfect weather year round, the busiest times of the year are the cold months during most of the rest of the year. Starting a couple of weeks before the Christmas holiday and lasting through April, people descend upon the 50th state in the Union en masse, largely to escape the snow and cold weather elsewhere. If one of your chief considerations is avoiding big crowds, you will want to avoid the summer months in general. However, you may also be able to avoid crowds simply by your choice of destination, too—consider Kauai instead of Waikiki, for instance.

It bears repeating that it is still absolutely stunning during the summer; it is just that you will be sharing the islands with tens of thousands of other tourists. This obviously means higher prices for everything from hotel accommodations to tours and restaurant tabs. For this reason, many would argue that the best month to go to Hawaii would have to be in the spring or fall. Those who do choose to travel to this only state in the country completely comprised of islands will find that these two times of year provide the most consistently wonderful weather conditions, the least amount of tourist traffic, and many times, discounts and special offers on all kinds of accommodations, as well as leisure and recreational activities on the island.

For those people who are primarily interested in getting out of the cold weather, no matter how many other vacationers are on the other end, the summer months offer no shortage of awesome activities, not the least of which include surfing, scuba diving, and sailing. If you plan to book your travel during the summer, do so plenty in advance and plan on spending full price for hotels and resorts, and even island activities.

The climate in Hawaii is generally consistent throughout out the year. High temperatures top out around the high 80s in the summer during the day, 70s at night. The winter has high, daytime temperatures in the low 80s and rarely falls into the 60s, even at night. As you might imagine, the weather is not going to be a problem for you no matter what time of the year you end up choosing to travel. Do your research, however, because Hawaii is full of microclimates, from island to island. The consistent trade winds from the east provide a cooling effect for most all of the islands, but the broad diversity of the topography makes for hugely different variations in rain from island to island.

The dry season in Hawaii generally lasts from April through October, while the wet season is from November through March. Even when it does pour down a tropical storm on the Hawaiian archipelago, it tends to be followed with an even more beautiful display of beautiful sun. The huge variety of public beaches makes Hawaii one of the most popular places to visit on vacation in the United States.

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