Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon is an area carved out by the Snake River in Idaho. Hells Canyon Idaho is located about 90 miles south of Lewiston, Idaho and runs all the way down to the town of Oxbow, Oregon. Hells Canyon Idaho is found in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. Hells Canyon takes its name from the nearby Hells Canyon Creek which is located close to the Hells Canyon Dam.

The Hells Canyon location was also at one time the location of both the Nez Perce and Shoshone Native American tribes. The Hells Canyon location is also noted for its incredible size. Hells Canyon is currently one of the largest gorges in the United States, and certainly in the Pacific Northwest. Hells Canyon history according to local Native American tribes was that Coyote figure dug the Snake River as a protection from tribes to the east of the river and mountains. In the 19th century, however, local tribes were driven out of the region.

Hells Canyon history also includes extensive mining of the Hells Canyon location. Settlers who arrived not long after the Lewis and Clark Expedition arrived in the late 19th century and after the military drove out Native American tribes began mining Hells Canyon Idaho for gold and other minerals. Today, most of Hells Canyon Idaho is public land, meaning that it is set aside as a wilderness area. The area is a popular place for fishing, boating, and viewing wildlife in a natural setting.

Many fishermen and boaters choose to travel sections of the Snake River running through Hells Canyon for fishing or just the pleasure of boating. The Pittsburgh Landing, Heller Bar, Salmon River and Cache Creek trip all vary in length, from 32 miles at the shortest to 79 miles at the longest. Boating season is from April to November on this section of the Snake River. There are also some great spots for camping along the river during the summer in Hells Canyon Idaho. Most of the camping takes place near the head of the Salmon River, where there are more beaches during the summer for large groups and swimming.

Hells Canyon Idaho is not only an interesting site from a geological standpoint, but it is a great place to go for travelers who want to laze by the river, fish, swim, or even just take a nice boat ride. Many of these activities can be enjoyed almost free of charge, making these activities great during those warm summer months in Idaho.

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