History of Idaho

Idaho history as far as humans are concerned likely stretches back as far as 14,500 years ago. This information about the history of Idaho was gathered during an exploration of Wilson Butte Cave, just outside the city of Twin Falls, in the 1950s. Various elements indicating human activity, including arrowheads and some other weaponry, were discovered at the site that date back thousands of years. It is widely recognized that Native American tribes made up the bulk of these early inhibitors up until the 19th century, in particular the Nez Perce and Shoshone tribes.

European and United States east coast settlers began arriving in the area now known as Idaho in the 19th century. At the time, the area was officially part of the Oregon territory, which included current day Oregon, and parts of current day Idaho, as well as the Dakota territories and sections of what is now Washington State. Interestingly, this area was also claimed by the United Kingdom until the United States gained final control in 1846.

Idaho history reflects that the state of Idaho gained statehood in 1890. The state of Idaho achieved this status after much deliberation regarding how to split up what was then the Oregon territory. Although Idaho State history reflects the fact that Lewiston was the capitol of the area for a time, today Idaho state history shows that the capitol of Idaho State is the city of Boise.

Idaho state history in the past has reflected an economy that relies greatly on agriculture to survive. Idaho State has long been famous for the potatoes produced in the state each year, which have historically been abundant. As the history of Idaho has developed, however, the state of Idaho relies more and more heavily on tourism. Tourism in the state includes skiing as some of the best resorts in the country, including Sun Valley, Soldier Mountain, Tamarack Resort, Silver Mountain and Schweitzer. Tourism in the state also includes many other outdoor sports, including fly fishing, white water rafting and hiking.

In the 1940s and 1950s Idaho history took a major turn toward the development of science and technology. A major national Nuclear Testing Site was built in some of the undeveloped desert area in Idaho, and the site drew many scientists and professionals studying nuclear energy. Since then, this trend continues with Idaho maintaining a reputation for being a center for science and technology. While the history of Idaho reflects many different forms of economy of the past, the state of Idaho continues to grow and attract travelers.

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