Idaho Falls

The city of Idaho Falls Idaho, is found in Eastern Idaho in Bonneville County. Idaho Falls is the largest city in that county, and is a moderately sized city. Idaho Falls is the home of Easter Idaho Technical College and for outdoor enthusiasts is a prime destination for skiing, fly fishing, hiking, biking and more. Although the economy of Idaho Falls Idaho was for many years centered on atomic energy, Idaho Falls tourism in general remains centered on active and outdoor pursuits.

The city of Idaho Falls Idaho has not always been known as Idaho Falls. When first founded, the town was named Taylor's Crossing after the person who first built a toll bridge over the Snake River, Matt Taylor. Later, the town would change to Eagle Rock, due to the large number of nesting eagles in the area. Eventually, the town would change its name again to Idaho Falls, named for the waterfall and rapids found near town thanks to the Snake River. The name Idaho Falls has been retained to this day.

The Idaho Falls Airport, officially titled the Idaho Falls Regional Airport, is located toward the outskirts of town. Since the Idaho Falls Airport is not an international airport, flights in and out of the Idaho Falls Airport are generally local, private, or connecting flights. If you plan to fly into the Idaho Falls Airport, be advised that it is a small airport, and as such flights will often be a bit pricier than they would be when flying into a larger airport. Planes flying into the airport will be smaller than planes flying into larger airports, as well.

Idaho Falls tourism is on the upswing. Historically, the town of Idaho Falls saw its greatest economical boom in the late 1940's and early 1950's, when a National Reactor Testing Station opened in the desert adjacent to the town in 1949. The site drew many workers and provided a multiplicity of high-paying jobs. The early 1990's saw many cutbacks to this testing station, and as such Idaho Falls tourism has tried in recent years to focus more on drawing visitors from throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Travel to Idaho Falls will put visitors in a good location to visit some of the nearby towns and explore the history of Idaho Falls and Bonneville County. Plenty of wide-open space is available for hiking and biking, and there is convenient access to the Snake River for fishing and swimming during the summer.

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