Fly Fishing in Idaho

Taking a fly fishing vacation Idaho is not at all an uncommon pursuit for lovers of fly fishing throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The sheer number of great places to fish in the state of Idaho continues to draw novices and experts alike, summer after summer. Fly fishing Idaho is particularly popular, and some travelers even plan an entire summer or trip around visiting the many Idaho fishing locations.

One popular place for a fly fishing vacation Idaho is the Boise River. One advantage to this beautiful and large river is its convenient location. The Boise River runs right through the center of the city of Boise, and is flanked by public parks on either side for many miles. The most prominent fish in the Boise River is the trout, with the rainbow, brown and whitefish all being well represented. Barber Park and Eagle Island in particular are popular spots on the Boise River for fly fishing Idaho.

Another great location for a fly fishing vacation Idaho is the Salmon River. There are many spots along the river for great fly fishing Idaho, and for many visitors this is considered to be the best spot in the state for fishing. The Upper Salmon River is a great place for Idaho fishing of Steelhead around the months of March and April. The Upper Salmon River is located in the Sawtooth National Forest, and as such you will need a special Sawtooth National Recreation permit in order to fish these waters, along with a separate Steelhead permit. According the local Idaho fishing experts, this is a consistently great place to catch fish.

About three hours south of Boise is the Lower Salmon River, which has distinct fishing opportunities for fly fishing in Idaho in the fall. The same Steelhead which spawned in the spring will have moved to the lower Salmon River by September, so this is the place to go if you want to some fly fishing in Idaho in the fall, usually through the middle of November, depending on temperatures. McCall River and the Snake River are equally popular places for fly fishing in Idaho throughout the summer and into the fall.

No matter where you choose to go to fish in Idaho, you will need a fishing license in order to fish legally. Fishing licenses are good for one season only, so be sure that your permit is not expired, and be sure that you keep your permits with you when fishing, because you will receive a ticket if it isn't on your person. Children under the age of 14 do not need to have their own permit, but anyone accompanying them does. For adults, the cost of a fishing permit is $25, with a discount for children ages 14-17, as well as for military personal or veterans. If you plan to fish for salmon or steelhead, you will need a special permit, costing about $13, in addition to your seasonal fishing license. If you plan to participate in other forest service activities, such as hunting, it is possible to get a combined permit for a lower price than individual permits. Permits and licenses are issued through the Idaho Fish and Game Department.

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