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Idaho Vacation

Planning an Idaho vacation for any reason can be plenty of fun. With so much outdoor space to explore, the Idaho adventure vacation is increasingly popular. From skiing and whitewater rafting to fly fishing and hiking, there are a lot of options for an Idaho adventure vacation. Idaho adventure vacations can also include longer trips, some following the Lewis and Clark Trail or exploring the backwoods in the summer via mountain bikes or in the winter via snowmobiles or skis.

One of the most well-known places for an Idaho vacation is Twin Falls. Twin Falls Idaho vacations can include horse riding trips and hunting trips, as well as many other activities. Twin Falls Idaho vacations are also noted for the wide number of activities available. Whitewater rafting and dude ranches are two popular ways to take a Twin Falls Idaho vacation. Dude ranches are fully operational ranches which allow guests to stay onsite, helping to take care of the animals and often going on treks of various kinds. A stay on a Dude ranch in Idaho will generally include your food for the duration of your stay, as well as accommodation. Some Dude ranch stays will incorporate a camping trip of some sort.

Gold prospecting is yet another kind of Idaho vacation for travelers looking for something a little different. Recreational gold prospecting is an activity for the entire family, and travelers who do find gold of any kind will be allowed to keep it as their own. Gold prospecting trips will generally be led by experienced guides, who will take prospectors hiking toward the rivers of Idaho to spend the day searching for gold using various modern and dated methods, generally in the spirit of fun.

In addition to these very specific Idaho adventure opportunities, it is also possible to stay at an adventure lodge which focuses solely on providing adventure tours of all kinds to visitors. The River Dance Lodge is one such resort, located near Middle Fork on the Clearwater River about five hours north of Boise. As one of the best places in the state for fly fishing, this area of Idaho is a popular place for adventure vacationers. In addition to accommodation, visitors can book whitewater rafting trips, hiking excursions and horseback riding treks.

There are also a number of Canoeing companies that organize canoeing trips for travelers who want to move a little slower down the river and take in all of the beautiful scenery. One of the most well-known places for canoeing is Coeur d' Alene, where the many byways of the river and lake have created some of the nation's most appealing scenery. During the summer in particular, canoeing trips in Idaho are great fun.

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