Lewis and Clark Trail in Idaho

The Lewis and Clark expedition is known throughout the United States, and popular places on the Lewis and Clark Trail for tourist visitation are found in all of the states crossed by the hikers. The state of Idaho is no exception, and the Lewis and Clark Trail in Idaho is a great place to stop and learn about the history of Lewis and Clark. Lewis and Clark trail maps are available at many places along the trail itself, including destinations in Idaho.

As many travelers know, the history of Lewis and Clark and the Lewis and Clark Expedition began in 1804, when William Clark and Meriwether Lewis first set out on their journey from Illinois and began heading west into what was at the time unexplored territory. The history of Lewis and Clark and the Lewis and Clark Expedition also involved the president at the time, Thomas Jefferson.

President Jefferson was curious to know more about what lay to the west of the inhabited eastern coast. He recruited Lewis and Clark to journey as far west as they could and back, and to write down absolutely everything they saw and did. In addition to the journaling, Lewis and Clark were commissioned to create Lewis and Clark trail maps of the areas they traveled. Many Lewis and Clark trail maps can still be viewed today at the National Headquarters of the Lewis and Clark trail located in Omaha Nebraska.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition crossed into the state of Idaho on August 12, 1805. Idaho is notably the homeland of the famed guide Sacajawea. The expedition crossed into Idaho through what is now known as Lemhi Pass. The expedition was initially forced back into Montana for a time, and would likely have starved to death without the help of the local Nez Perce Indians. After being rescued by these local people, they were able to continue their journey to the Pacific Ocean with Sacajawea as their guide.

Today, travelers can enjoy the Idaho section of the Lewis and Clark Trail by visiting many of the spots on the trail. Some travelers even plan entire itineraries around following the Lewis and Clark trail, and there are hotels along the way that are in place for just that purpose. If you are interested in taking this kind of vacation, you can book your hotel stays along the trail through the Idaho Tourism Bureau or plan your own trip by locating various hotels on your own. Check out the full Lewis and Clark Trail map.

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