Minnetonka Cave

Minnetonka Cave Idaho is located near the town of Montpelier in the Caribou National Forest. Although the cave itself is millions of years old, Minnetonka Cave was first discovered by Americans in 1907, when a grouse hunter happened to find it while hunting in the forest. Minnetonka Cave Idaho was opened to the public in 1947, and has become a major tourist attraction within the area.

Minnetonka Cave Idaho is the largest cave in the state of Idaho that offers tours throughout most of the year. Minnetonka Cave is comprised mostly of limestone, and the entrance to the cave is more than 7,700 feet high. Although the entire maze of caves is not developed for touring, a substantial portion of the cave is. The section of the cave available for touring has nine separate chambers, with a ceiling height in the largest chamber, referred to as the Ballroom, of 90 feet.

Many travelers tour Minnetonka Cave to view the limestone deposits which have formed stalactites and stalagmites over thousands of thousands of years. Some of the most intriguing stalagmites and stalactites have their own names, including the Bride and Groom, the Wedding Ring, Kermit's Castle, and more.

Tours of the Minnetonka Caves are organized by the United States Forest Services and run seven days a week starting in the middle of June and continuing through Labor Day, barring any surprise inclement weather. The Minnetonka Caves tour takes visitors through about a half mile stretch of the caves, and is narrated by United States Forest Service personnel.

Anyone wishing to take a tour of the Minnetonka Caves should be aware that there is no handicapped access, and the tour does require that visitors climb sets of stairs. A trip to the Cave Minnetonka can also be cold once inside, so good attire includes tennis shoes and a warm jacket or sweater. It can also be somewhat wet in the caves, so some travelers bring a hat, as well. If you plan to take a group to Cave Minnetonka, be aware that no groups larger than 30 are allowed in at any one time. A trip to Cave Minnetonka is a great part of a tour of the forests and back byways of the state, and it is located not far from the Oregon Trail route that runs through Idaho.

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