Idaho Shopping

Shopping in Idaho can be a great treat for travelers. Whether you are looking for Pacific Northwest art, gifts to take home to your family, clothing or fly fishing shops in Idaho, shopping in the state of Idaho can be a lot of fun. Along with some of the major areas for shopping in Idaho such as Boise and Sun Valley, Twin Falls Idaho shopping and Idaho Falls shopping are also great places to get great outdoor gear and handmade gifts.

Twin Falls Idaho shopping is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts and craft lovers. A number of arts and crafts stores are located in the heart of Twin Falls and are perfect to Twin Falls Idaho shopping for craft lovers. For the most part, the bulk of Twin Falls shopping stores are located in downtown Twin Falls, often on Main Avenue which runs through the middle of downtown. Specialty shops, such as places for renting boats or snowmobiles, are also found in town. The Crowley Pharmacy with its "Old Fashion Soda Fountain" is a local favorite for a snack while shopping in Twin Falls.

Another popular area for tourists is Idaho Falls shopping. Idaho Falls shopping is great for tourists who want to shop at a mall in Idaho, or check out some local Idaho Falls gift shops. The major mall for shopping in Idaho Falls is the Grand Teton Mall Idaho Falls. Here, you will find the town's department stores and the typical stores you would expect from a mall. For Idaho Falls gift shops, you will want to head to the downtown area. Idaho Falls gift shops include two unique boutiques downtown specializing in flowers and other gifts, as well as some shops with hunting and fishing equipment. Also found in Idaho Falls on Saturdays from 9 am until 1 pm from May until October is the Idaho Falls Farmer's Market, where tables of fresh produce and handmade goods can be found.

Expect to find a number of great fly fishing shops in Idaho. Thanks to the popularity of this sport, fly fishing shops in Idaho can be found in all major Idaho cities and even many of the minor ones. Some of the larger fly fishing shops in Idaho will carry multiple types of bait, although there are some smaller fly fishing shops in Idaho that may specialize in particular kinds of bait.

Shopping in the larger city of Boise can be quite a lot of fun, as can shopping in smaller towns like Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Falls and Twin Falls. Many towns will have shops that rent out sporting equipment, including boats, Jet Skis, skis, snowmobiles and more.

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