Snake River Canyon

Snake River Canyon is perhaps best known for the unsuccessful jump attempt made by Evel Knievel in 1974. The Snake River Canyon is a wide canyon created by the Snake River in Magic Valley, Idaho. It is widely believed that a flood of nearby Lake Bonneville about 14,000 years ago helped to create the enormous canyon that we see today.

The Snake River Canyon jump, as mentioned, remains one of the distinguishing features of the canyon. In 1974, the dare-devil stunt artist, quite popular at the time, attempted the Snake River Canyon jump but was not successful. Though he lived and was mostly uninjured, the Snake River Canyon jump was widely noted. Evel Knievel attempted the jump while riding his Skycycle X-2.

In some place, the Snake River Canyon is more than 500 feet deep. In some places Snake River Canyon is also a quarter of a mile wide. The Perrine Bridge is the way to get across if you aren't Evel Knievel. This bridge is located a few miles north of the town of Twin Falls, Idaho. One popular section of the Snake River Canyon is the area located about 5 miles north of the Perrine Bridge, known as Shoshone Falls. Shoshone Falls is a beautiful waterfall and one of the main stops for travelers checking out Snake River Idaho.

This section of the Snake River Idaho that flows through the Magic Valley is also the site of various agricultural and geological studies. One of the first studies on record of this part of the Snake River Idaho valley was the study in the late 19th century performed by Mr. I.B. Perrine. Mr. Perrine's study on the Snake River Idaho Canyon floor involved the success of certain agricultural experiments.

Rather than being a farming community, however, today the Snake River Canyon is a tourist attraction and a great place to head to enjoy a park or even play a round of golf. The nearby town of Twin Falls Idaho offers multiple places to stay and plenty of popular activities for travelers.

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