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The city of Boise Idaho is, despite what travelers might think, full of surprises. For one thing, there are more people from the Basque area of Europe in Boise than any other area outside the Basque country itself. As such, there is even a Basque Museum and Cultural Center in the city of Boise that is worth adding to Boise itineraries. Other suggested itineraries Boise include sightseeing trips, adventure vacations and plenty of other Boise suggested itineraries activities.

1-3 Days

If you only have a few days for your suggested itineraries Boise, you should start downtown. Boise is the capitol of Idaho, and a trip to the State Capitol building is a great place to start with your suggested itineraries Boise. The Idaho State Capitol building is the only State Capitol building in the United States that is fully heated with geothermal water. All within walking distance of the State Capitol building, there are a number of other great attractions to add to your Boise suggested itineraries. The Old Idaho Penitentiary, operational until 1973, was built in territorial times and is now open for touring to the public during the day. Nearby, travelers will fin the History of Electricity Museum, the Museum of Mining and Geology, and the Idaho Transportation Museum. Some of Boise's best dining options can be found downtown, as well.

4-7 Days

With many days to spend with your Boise suggested itineraries, you will have time to venture outside the city for a time. Spend a day fly fishing the Boise River, which actually flows right through the center of town. You'll need to head up the river from town for the best fishing, but you'll be able to spend a pleasant day at one of the many state parks along the river banks. Or, head south for the day from Boise to the World Center for Birds of Prey, where you can see birds in recovery who have been injured before they are released back into the wild. The nearby Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area is also fascinating, and houses more raptors than any other recovery center in the nation.

7+ Days

With a week or more, you will have time to discover more of the rugged beauty of Idaho. Plan a whitewater rafting tour, go prospecting for gold, or spend the night at a Dude Ranch outside the city limits. All of these activities are within easy reach of Boise. During the winter, you can also reach ski resorts from Boise in less than a day.

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