Sun Valley Idaho

The ski resort destination community of Sun Valley Idaho has garnered accolades from top ski magazines and organizations around the world for years. Sun Valley Idaho was the first ski resort community of its kind to open in the United States, and has been called by many the best single place to ski in the world. Whether you agree with this assessment or not, it is hard to deny that Sun Valley Idaho offers more to do in one small village than many other areas in the world, from winter sports in the winter to hiking and biking in the summer.

The two ski hills in Sun Valley are Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain. While Bald Mountain is considered by many skiers and snowboarders to be the pinnacle of downhill fun in the world, the gentler Dollar Mountain is the perfect option for a novice skier or snowboarder.

In addition to downhill delights, Sun Valley has truly grown to be a family community. Despite the high number of Hollywood stars that make Sun Valley their second home, the village continues to maintain family feel. Two ice-skating rinks are found in town, which during the winter host Olympic figure skating shows on Saturday nights. The downtown area of Sun Valley is a huge area for retail and high-end shopping, which is a favorite activity of many who come to Sun Valley just to relax. There are also spas located at some of the lodges.

Idaho Sun Valley travel is also popular for its summer activities. In the warmer months, Idaho Sun Valley travel vacations can be comprised of mountain biking through the many trails that surround the village. Idaho Sun Valley travel is also a great way to experience big game sports such as Sun Valley Idaho fly fishing.

Sun Valley Idaho fly fishing is a pastime for experienced fishing enthusiasts as well as the novice fisher. Sun Valley Idaho fly fishing is recognizable throughout the state as a major draw to the area, with the best fishing being in early or later summer. Just 8 miles north of Sun Valley is the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, which is a great place to explore the woods, take an adventure vacation, or even camp for a weekend or more. Some travelers even set out on a guided tour of Sawtooth, which can be arranged through a number of different guide and travel companies. The Ernest Hemmingway Memorial is also located in Sun Valley near the Sun Valley Lodge in town.

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