Idaho Rental Cars

If you are planning a trip to Idaho in the near future, you will like need some information about Idaho transportation. Whether you choose rental cars in Boise Idaho or other cities such as Coeur d'Alene, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls or Sun Valley, or choose to travel by rail to Idaho, there are a number of options in all of these locations. Bus transportation Idaho is also a good option for anyone on a budget or just looking for a less expensive way to find Idaho transportation.

Travel by rail to Idaho is a good option for anyone hoping to avoid driving. Particularly in the winter months, when roads can become icy and sometimes treacherous, travel by rail to Idaho is a nice choice. The national only rail company to travel between cities in the United States is the Amtrak Rail line. Amtrak passes through the Idaho city of Boise, connecting to Seattle or Portland in the west and Chicago, Illinois in the east (stopping at towns and cities along the way). Tickets can be purchased either in advance or on board the train, but you must make your reservation in advance. Reservations for Idaho transportation via the train can be made over the phone or online.

Bus transportation Idaho is a good option for travelers looking to a save a bit of money. Bus transportation Idaho is perhaps one of the least expensive ways to make your way through the state, but it also often the slowest. Depending on your travel priorities, this might be the right choice for your trip. Bus service is generally offered through the Greyhound Bus line, which makes stops in Boise, Pocatello, Twin Falls, and many other smaller cities throughout the state. It is also possible to connect some bus rides to train rides if the train does not stop at your final destination.

If you want to have more freedom for your trip in Idaho, you might consider rental cars in Boise Idaho or other cities in the state. Rental cars in Boise Idaho and other cities will give renters a chance to explore some areas off the beaten path, such as Soldier Mountain or the Sawtooth Forest. Some travelers even take a bus or train to a city and rent a car once they arrive. To get the best deal, it is often a good idea to book your rental car for multiple days rather than just one or two. Keep an eye out for weekend specials, as well. To rent a car in Idaho, you need a valid driver's license from any state in the US, as well as picture identification. You will need to pay extra for each additional driver that you authorize to drive the car. Road conditions in Idaho are ideal for driving.

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