Illinois Airports

A variety of Illinois airports make it easy to reach your desired destination, no matter where you're headed on an Illinois vacation. The most popular airports in the state are of course the two Chicago airports, O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport. These two affordable options receive numerous flights from across the country and around the globe every day. If you are traveling from a distance, these two airports may be your most affordable options, especially if you are planning to get a rental car and drive to your final destination. Regional express flights are available to the smaller airports, especially from other locations in the Midwest. If you’re looking for another airport in Illinois, there are options that serve the rest of the state as well.

Springfield Illinois Airport serves the capital of the state. Called Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, this popular destination should be easy to reach, especially from within the Midwest. For those interested in exploring Springfield and its surrounding destinations, including the state capitol and the Lincoln Presidential Library, arrival in Springfield will maximize their time in this historic city. Another option for an Illinois international airport is Quad City Airport in Moline. Quad City is the third-busiest airport in Illinois, after the two Chicago options. This airport serves not only Illinois, but also some visitors with a final destination of Iowa.

Illinois airports serve other parts of the state as well, including the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The University of Illinois Willard Airport serves east-central Illinois. This airport in Illinois does not have U.S. Customs or Immigration offices, and therefore it faces obstacles in expanding. Some airlines have chosen not to land at Willard Airport at all, instead serving central Illinois with another airport, Central Illinois Regional Airport in Bloomington-Normal. A much larger airport in Illinois, this regional airport offers full services such as car rental and on-site restaurants.

Another Illinois international airport is General Wayne Downing Peoria International Airport. Five airlines operate flights mostly to Midwestern destinations including Minneapolis, Detroit, and Chicago. This airport is also home to the Peoria wing of the National Guard. Other Illinois Airports include Chicago Rockford International Airport, also called Greater Rockford Airport. This airport is located 60 miles northwest of Chicago and serves destinations outside of the region, including Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, Fort Myers, and Cancun.

When choosing an Illinois international airport, it may be helpful to know that Chicago O’Hare is the second busiest airport in the world, behind Atlanta. It is a hub for United Airlines and American Airlines, which may help passengers have more options for travel. The airport is located seventeen miles from Chicago, and it offers regional connections to other parts of the state. While the two Chicago airports may be your best bet for starting your exploration of Illinois, it is worth checking into the regional airports to get you closer to your final destination.

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