Anderson Japanese Gardens

The Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford Illinois is a perfect place to find tranquility on your Illinois vacation. They are unique in that they are composed of two distinctly different  types of gardens. The first is a formal Japanese garden that is designed in the style of the Kamakura period, a style that was prevalent  from about 1185 to 1333 A.D. In comaparison, the Guest House, Teahouse, and Machiai at the Anderson Japanese Gardens are all fine examples of  16th century Sukiya style architecture.

The Garden of Reflection at the Anderson Japanese Gardens is representative of a more contemporary international garden. You will find a strong Japanese influence in these gardens, which  were designed to allow visitors to reflect upon the tranquil beauty of nature.

The Anderson Japanese Garden is characterized by three essential elements:

-Water has soothing and reflective qualities.
-Rock provides a solid sense of permanence
-Plants are essential for their textures and shades of green.

The idea of the Anderson Japanese Gardens began in 1966 during John Anderson’s first trip to Japan. He was visiting family friend, Mr. Akira Ohno, President of Morinaga Milk Industries of Tokyo. Ohno gave Anderson an inside look at the Japanese people and their culture. When John and Linda Anderson acquired land for a new home in Rockford Illinois, they realized that their new property could potentially be a wonderful setting for a Japanese garden. Since the Andersons already had a strong interest in Japanese culture, they decided to start development of a Japanese-style garden.

Construction of Japanese Garden Rockford began in 1978. They were designed and built by Hoichi Kurisu, who came to the United States in 1968 after accepting the position of Director of Landscaping at the Japanese garden complex in Washington Park Gardens, in Portland, Oregon. Today, the Japanese Garden Rockford is an independent not-for-profit corporation that is governed by an outside board of directors. Every year, the Japanese garden Rockford receives between 20,000 to 25,000 visitors. Once you visit, you will understand why Rockford Illinois attracts so many artistic types of people. They can always be inspired by the Japanese Garden Rockford.

After visiting the Rockford art galleries, museums and the Rockford Speedway, the Anderson Gardens provide an excellent location for relaxation and spiritual contemplation.



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