Chicago Architectural Tour

Booking an architecture tour in Chicago is something many visitors look to do, as the city's architecture is among its main draws. Few cities in the country rival Chicago when it comes to architecture, especially when you consider that this city is essentially the birthplace of the modern-day skyscraper. From the mighty Sears Tower to smaller architectural wonders such as the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House in Hyde Park, the architectural wonders in Chicago are many, and learning more about them and the city's history is something that even non-architecture buffs should enjoy. The Chicago architecture tours come in different shapes and sizes, so finding one that suits you should be a breeze.

Chicago Architectural Tour
Chicago Architectural Tour  Image: John Lindsey

When looking to book an architecture tour in Chicago, you can go the guided route or opt for an unguided experience, in which case you are your own navigator. Regardless of whether you are interested in going it alone or hiring a guide, your Chicago architectural tour will prove to be rewarding. For some, simply enjoying a tour of the Loop with all its tall buildings will be enough, while others will want to explore other areas as well. In the neighborhood of Old Town, the city's best collection of Victorian-era homes can be found, so you might head there to enjoy a walking tour. Most of the Chicago neighborhoods boast some impressive architecture of their own, so you'll virtually be able to enjoy an architectural tour of some kind regardless of where you find yourself in the city.

A Chicago architecture cruise, which involves heading up the Chicago River to learn about sights along the way, is something that you can look to add to your itinerary. These types of tours are among the most popular in the city, partly because they highlight the stunning Chicago skyline. Another popular thing to do in Chicago for architectural buffs is pay the Frank Lloyd Home in Oak Park a visit, in addition to the Robie House. There's no telling where you might end up on a Chicago architectural tour if you are keeping an open mind and looking to explore.

Chicago architecture tours can see you checking out Wrigley Field in the morning, then heading downtown to scope out the Wrigley Building in the afternoon. Or you can cruise up the river before heading to either the Sears Tower Skydeck or the Hancock Observatory for a bird's-eye view. There is no limit to what you can see when you plan your own Chicago architectural tour, and there are plenty of organized ones available if you want to leave the route planning to somebody else and just enjoy the view.

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