Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is both a working school and a museum. In its role as an educational facility, the Chicago Art Institute provides admission to undergraduates, graduates, and international students. It also offers adult and children's courses ,as well as courses for high school students and teachers, and summer courses. In addition, the institute provides lectures, performances, film screenings, and exhibits to the public.

Art Institute of Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago

At the Art Institute of Chicago, the Gene Siskel film center, established in 1972, provides patrons with a look at independent and international films. The Poetry Center at the Chicago Art Institute focuses on literary awareness and creativity. Ongoing exhibits at the museum are held both on and off campus and feature work in ceramics, photography and sculpture, painting, drawing, and interior architecture.

An important facet of the Art Institute of Chicago is its visiting artists program, which hosts lectures, artistic presentations, and film screenings utilizing the artist's choice of media. The museum also houses both visiting and permanent exhibits that include Impressionist paintings, tapestries, Islamic ceramics, watercolors, silks, and photography.

Gifts and souvenirs are available at the Museum Shop at the Chicago Institute of Art with selections for home furnishings, apparel, art, jewelry, books, and stationery. Orders also can be conveniently placed online.

The Modern Wing, which was in the making for ten years, made the Chicago Institute of Art one of the largest US art museums upon opening. The wing houses the museum's collection of contemporary art, painting and sculpture, photography, and architectural designs. If you're shopping at the Modern Wing Shop, you'll find interesting gifts, reproductions, jewelry, and books relating to contemporary art. The Kids Shop has books, games, and art supplies available to encourage a child's interest in art.

While visiting the Modern Wing, a visit to the Balcony Café provides a place to relax, refresh, and enjoy the selections at the coffee bar. The Art Institute museum in Chicago is open daily and offers self-guided tours and audio guides for each exhibition. There is an admission fee, and the museum has specific guidelines of what is permitted regarding cameras, backpacks, cell phones, sketchpads, and baby strollers within the museum. Dining facilities also are available at the Garden Café and Terzo Piano for lunch when visiting the Chicago Art Institute.

For travelers who are interested in seeing more of the city and its lovely skyline during their Chicago vacation, full-day bus tours arranged through the Chicago Institute of Art Institute are available to visit interesting areas displaying different architectural styles, glass works, statuary, and monuments displayed throughout the city. The institute's location near many city attractions means that travelers can also visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, Grant Park, and other sites easily.

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