Bucktown Chicago

The Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago is one of the city's trendiest neighborhoods, thanks largely to its thriving art scene and unique shops. Bucktown can be found to the near northwest of the Loop, which lends to its residential appeal, as it's just a short ride into the city. Many of the old homes that can be found in Bucktown in Chicago have been lovingly restored, and while some serve as apartments or condo units, others have been returned to their single-family status. These attractive homes, many of which are more than 100 years old, help make walking tours of Bucktown Chicago very enjoyable. When you're not admiring the architecture, you will not only find plenty of neat shops to check out, but also some tempting bars and restaurants.

The Bucktown Chicago neighborhood is bordered by West Fullerton Avenue and the Kennedy Expressway to the north, North Western Avenue to the west, West North Avenue to the south, and North Ashland to the east. Within these borders are mostly residential streets, though there's certainly enough commercial action to keep things hopping as well. North Damen Avenue, which runs through the heart of the Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago, is the main avenue, and it's where you'll find most of the action. When the shops and galleries shut down at night, the restaurants, bars, and live music venues keep things interesting, and this is definitely a neighborhood where you can spend a lot of your time on a Chicago vacation.

Getting to Bucktown in Chicago is made easy by the fact that the city's metro system has a stop at the corner of North Damen and North Milwaukee. It's also easy to reach Bucktown by way of taxi from the Loop and from north side neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville. For those who are renting a car and driving around town, finding a parking spot shouldn't be impossible, though you'll want to pay strict attention to the parking signs, which is a good idea when parking anywhere in the city. Once you arrive in Bucktown Chicago, you might start things off with a walk along North Milwaukee Avenue, which is home to an interesting array of shops and restaurants. The most interesting stretch of North Milwaukee Avenue is actually located partly in Bucktown and partly in Wicker Park, and it is home to the Double Door, which is one of the city's best concert venues.

Heading back into Bucktown proper along Damen Avenue, there will be more shops to visit, not to mention some alluring art galleries. The bulk of these stores and galleries extend north to Webster Avenue. Bucktown boasts one of the largest artist communities in the entire Midwest, so it's a great place for art-lovers to explore when they're not checking out the renowned Chicago art exhibits and other museums. Late August is the best time for art enthusiasts to schedule a Bucktown Chicago visit, as it's when the Bucktown Arts Fest takes place. This two-day event is a celebration of both art and of the neighborhood itself. While Senior Citizens Park is the center of the action, it's truly a neighborhood festival. In addition to the Bucktown Arts Fest, Bucktown Chicago also hosts the Around the Coyote Festival, which takes place in September. This festival, which is similar to the Bucktown Arts Fest in many regards, is celebration of creativity.

Whether you come for the art, the food, the nightlife, or the shopping, your visit to Bucktown in Chicago should prove to be rewarding. The Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago deserves inclusion on any Chicago itinerary, whether you're traveling alone or with a group, as there's something to pique all interests here. While not the best place to find hotels in Chicago, Bucktown is a great place to find things to do. Chances are good that upon your visit to Bucktown, you'll understand why more and more Chicago residents are looking to move here: It's got everything you could want in a good city neighborhood.

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