Chicago Restaurants

When it comes to finding food in Chicago, there is no limit to the variety of different types of Chicago restaurants from which to choose. No matter what part of the city or the suburbs a visitor finds themselves, there will be a restaurant in Chicago to satisfy their tastes. Whether you're visiting the Loop, Pilsen, Lincoln Park, Chinatown, Hyde Park, Bucktown, or anywhere else, excellent choices for Chicago dining are available throughout and cover the many different types of cuisine.

Numerous cultural restaurants abound in the city providing memorable Chicago dining experiences while providing the best in authentic cuisine. Indian, Mexican, Italian, Asian, Irish, Greek, and Spanish cuisine along with all-American steakhouses, burgers, ribs, and seafood restaurants are just a small sampling of the types of food in Chicago visitors can enjoy.

Chicago Restaurants
Chicago Restaurants

Along with the large selection of food to choose from, Chicago restaurants are equally diverse when providing a choice in price range. Depending on the type of dining experience and atmosphere desired, a restaurant in Chicago can range from a casual fast food drive-through, coffee and sandwich shop, bistro, al fresco sidewalk cafe, mom-and-pop restaurant, and family-oriented buffet to an ultra-chic and sophisticated five-star dining establishments.

For those looking for the best Chicago restaurants catering to sports fans, the sports bars where visitors can enjoy the best in Chicago dining while watching their favorite teams on big screen TV's are a favorite choice. If you're interested in catching a local game but can't make it to Wrigley Field or Soldier Field, Chicago sports bars might be the place to go for both food and entertainment.

Restaurants in Chicago
Restaurants in Chicago

Family-style restaurants and buffets are the perfect restaurant in Chicago for vacationers on a budget or with children. And for those who aren't familiar with Chicago but still want to try a variety of the city's cuisine, dining tours are available that pick up the guests, take them to different restaurants with each one providing a different course, and then return the guests to their accommodations. This is an excellent way to experience Chicago restaurants and tour the city without the worry of getting lost or of looking for a place to park your rental car.

Chicago Hot Dogs
Chicago Hot Dogs

Eating out would not be complete without experiencing a well-known an item that Chicago is famous for—that would be the superior Chicago-style hot dog, which exemplifies the best in casual Chicago dining. The hot dogs are available in Chicago restaurants, but to experience food in Chicago the way a true local will do, stop by any one of the carts set up on a street corner or in public parks to pick up a hot dog.

If you want to experience what Chicago dining is all about, it's worth a visit to the city to try a Chicago dog topped with, among other things, celery salt, tomatoes, picked peppers, sweet relish, and a dill pickle spear; an order of crunchy chili fries; a hand-dipped corn dog slathered in mustard; grilled bratwurst and Italian sausage; or a slice of Sicilian pizza.

The annual Taste of Chicago, held for ten days beginning at the end of June, is the ultimate way to experience Chicago dining. At this fun-filled festival, along with live music and activities, visitors will be able to sample over 200 food items from the more than 50 participating restaurants.

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