Logan Square

Logan Square is both the name of a city-designated community area and a smaller neighborhood that is found within that area. Located on the northwest side of Chicago, it is one of the Windy City’s most up-and-coming communities. Over the last decade, various businesses have moved in, as have a variety of new residents. One thing is for sure, Chicago residents and visitors alike are encouraged to keep Logan Square in mind when looking for entertainment ideas. If nothing else, it can be rewarding to drop by for some sightseeing, as the neighborhood features prominent historical boulevards and stately homes that were built decades ago. Shopping at a local farmers market, checking out a show at the Logan Square Auditorium, and getting some drinks at one of the area bars are just some of the other ways to stay busy while in Logan Square, and thanks in part to the community’s Latino population, there are interesting restaurants and bakeries to consider.

Logan Square History

Logan Square History
Logan Square History  Image: PhillipC (flickr)

The Logan Square community was annexed to the city of Chicago in 1889. Formerly a conjunction of the towns of Jefferson and Maplewood, the area was immediately renamed in honor of General John A. Logan. General Logan served in the Civil War and was later a member of Congress. Among other things, he is credited with being a key figure in the movement to recognize Memorial Day as an official holiday. As a side note, a statue of General John A. Logan can be found in Chicago’s Grant Park. In 1918, a monument was erected in the heart of the neighborhood of Logan Square. Known as the Illinois Centennial Monument, it commemorates the 100 th anniversary of Illinois’ statehood and is a major area landmark. Also worth noting in relation to Logan Square history is that fact that many of the neighborhood’s early residents were of Scandinavian origin. The famous Notre Dame football coach, Knute Rockne, was one of those residents. Born in Voss, Norway, he emigrated with his parents to Chicago when he was just five years old and grew up in the Logan Square area.

Logan Square Bars

Logan Square Bars
Logan Square Bars  Image: Steven Vance (flickr)

Logan Square is a culturally diverse community, and in recent years especially, it has become a popular place to live for whom many would refer to as hipsters. Among other things, several bars have opened in the area in the last decade, and more than ever, the neighborhood is a popular place to go for nightlife. The Logan Square Auditorium, it should be noted, recently installed a full-service bar. Other neighborhoods in and around Logan Square are also home to bars, so the area in general is a good place to go bar-hopping. Bucktown is just one example of the area neighborhoods that nightlife enthusiasts will want to target.

Top image: davidwilson 1949 (flickr)
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