Chicago Neighborhood Tours

There are plenty of interesting neighborhoods in Chicago, and touring them is among the top things to do for both locals and visitors. Depending on your preference, you can take a guided tour of Chicago neighborhoods, or go it alone and see what you can find on a self-guided tour. If you are without a guide during your visit to the Loop, for example, you might stop by the cultural center on Washington Street and pick up a complimentary public art guide, which highlights some of the neighborhood's top sights. Chicago neighborhood walking tours can easily be enjoyed either by yourself or with a guide, and you're encouraged to take one or more during your Windy City visit, especially when the weather is nice.

Chicago is very much a city of neighborhoods, which has a lot to do with the popularity of Chicago neighborhood tours. For those who want to learn about more than one neighborhood on their Chicago vacation, booking an extended bus tour of Chicago neighborhoods might be a good way to go. These four- to five-hour tours can be booked at the Chicago Cultural Center, located downtown at 77 E. Randolph Street. Among the neighborhoods that you'll visit on these kinds of Chicago neighborhood tours include Chinatown and Bronzeville, among others. Should you book one of the Saturday morning summer tours that the Chicago History Museum has to offer, then neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park and Old Town will figure prominently on the itinerary. The Chicago neighborhood tours come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and if you are really serious about your neighborhood tour, you might book a specialized one that highlights some of the main things that you want to see.

Chicago neighborhood walking tours can involve one neighborhood or a collection of them, as is the case with guided tours that might see you riding on a bus or a van. Self-guided walking tours allow you take things at your own pace, which is a nice perk, while guided walking tours feature informative narrations, which are also beneficial. You can always book a specialty tour of Chicago neighborhoods that revolves around the city's literary history, or perhaps a tour that centers on the Great Chicago Fire will pique your interest. Don't forget to consider an architectural tour when visiting Chicago, as they can also help you get your bearings in this Midwest metropolis. Between the Chicago neighborhood tours and the Chicago architectural tours, there are sure to be options that will be right up your alley.

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