Rush Street

Rush Street is one of the most popular places to go out on the town in Chicago. It’s been that way for quite a while now. Back in the 1960s, Rush Street was actually the center of Chicago nightlife. Populating the strip in those days were cabarets, bars, clubs, and restaurants. Many of the bars have since migrated north to Division Street, but there are still plenty of nightlife venues along Rush Street. In 2005, a local newspaper even went as far as to dub Rush Street as “the hippest strip on Chicago.” As for the location of Rush Street, that would be the wealthy Gold Coast neighborhood, which is located in the Near North Side community area. Rush Street specifically starts at the Chicago River between Wabash and North Michigan avenues and runs north until it slants at the point where it crosses Chicago Avenue. From there, it continues to Cedar and State streets. All told, Rush Street is just a little less than a mile long.

Rush Street Bars

The Rush Street bars, as well as the bars to the near north along Division Street, tend to attract a crowd that leans more towards the trendy and upscale side. Anyone who drops in on the area can expect to encounter a healthy amount of thirty-something singles and visiting conventioneers. As for the other kinds of people that you might come across at the Rush Street bars, it’s essentially a toss-up. The area attracts all kinds, including suburbanites and college kids. One of the reasons why the Rush Street bars are able to attract a wide range of people is because they tend to be very inviting and relatively cost-sensible, as opposed to snooty and overpriced. Plus, the area simply has a positive vibe.

A few nightclubs on Rush Street offer music and ample dancing room if that’s what you’re after, and Irish-style pubs are in good supply in the Rush Street and Division Street area. Complementing the bars and clubs in this trendy part of Chicago are highly rated restaurants, upscale hotels, and four star spas. In other words, if you like the finer things in life, you won’t want to overlook the Rush Street area when planning Chicago visits.

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