Shedd Aquarium Map

The John G. Shedd Aquarium of Chicago, once the largest indoor aquarium in the world, remains one of the most extensive, with a floor plan to match, rendering a quick fly-by visit a futile effort. With the intention of creating a satisfying experience within the compounds of the aquarium, the Shedd Aquarium map was crafted, featuring the various levels and environments of the establishment.

With this essential tool, rookie and veteran visitors alike can navigate the aquarium with expert skill and ease. In addition to the Shedd Aquarium printed map, a number of self-guided tours have been developed, each featuring key attractions within the institution, such as Shedd Highlights, featuring ten of the main aquatic animals of the entire aquarium; Abbott Oceanarium Discoveries, all located within the ocean aquarium segment; For Tots, special features that the kids are certain to enjoy; Cool Moves: Animal Movement, a selection of animals that navigate their environment with stealth, speed, agility, with resourcefulness or ingenuity; Staying Alive: Animal Adaptations, based on developed traits that demonstrate the variety of ways these aquatic creatures have adapted to their environments; and Disguises for Hiding: Animal Camouflage, highlighting an assortment of creatures that feature interesting shapes, colors, and habits that make them masters of disguise.

The aquarium, one of the major Chicago attractions, even offers visitors the opportunity to create a customized map…keep it for your own visit preferences or hand it to a friend for a Shedd Aquarium scavenger hunt.

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