Tyrannosaurus Rex Sue

Tyrannosaurus Rex Sue, a 67-million years old skeleton, towers over visitors at The Field Museum in Chicago. At her unveiling in 2000, Sue made global headlines as the best preserved, most complete, and largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton unearthed in archeological digs around the globe, measuring 42 feet from nose to tail and 13 feet tall at the hip.

Ten years before the exhibition at the Chicago Field Museum was complete, the bones of Sue the T-Rex were discovered by chance, when a member of a fossil collecting team in South Dakota, Sue Hendrickson, elected to remain on site, while the rest of the members made a trip to town for vehicle repairs. Hiking up to a nearby bluff, Sue identified fragments from a large skeleton that she suspected were part of T-Rex. Upon a thorough investigation by the crew, the nearly complete fossil was christened Tyrannosaurus Rex Sue, in honor of the discoverer. 

After some controversy over ownership of the gigantic fossil, it was deemed property of the rancher on whose land the bones were discovered, who, in turn, sold Sue at auction to the highest bidder, The Field Museum of Chicago, at $8.36 million. Weighing in at 600 pounds, her original skull is on display on the balcony level of the museum, while a replica tops the preserved skeleton. Admission to The Field Museum ranges from Basic to All-Access, allowing visitors admittance to a variety of exhibitions and activities within the museum; Sue the T-Rex greets all of her guests, holding any form of admission, of every age and size, on the ground floor in Stanley Field Hall. You can combine a visit to this prehistoric skeleton with visit to the Adler Planetarium, which is located nearby.

Top image: Richo.Fan (flickr)
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