Galena Illinois Hotels

A stay at one of the many Galena Illinois hotels gives you the opportunity to explore the area's historic charm. Galena lodging venues run the gamut from chain hotels to upscale historic bed and breakfasts. If you want to explore Galena's history, you may want to stay at the Steamboat Bed and Breakfast.

The history of The Steamboat House and its famous owner plays an important part of Galena history. The Steamboat House is a Gothic Revival mansion built by the steamboat captain Daniel Smith Harris and his wife, Sarah. Daniel Smith built the first steamboat in Galena. Daniel designed his famous boat, The Grey Eagle, on the front porch of the Steamboat House mansion. It boasted a speed record for travel on the Mississippi, which was not broken until 1945.

Daniel Smith Harris fought in the Blackhawk War and attained the rank of lieutenant. His wife, Sarah Harris was one of the first doctors in Jo Daviess County. She became a physician at age 50 and is famous for her lectures on women's diseases. She was also a botanist who raised 50 varieties of roses in a conservatory on the property, in addition to being a participant in the underground railroad of the pre- and Civil War era. There is a tunnel under the mansion, which was part of that piece of history. Sarah's doctor's office was a part of the house.

Daniel and Sarah's guest list at the mansion included General Grant, and Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Blackwell. The 1855 home has three floors, nine bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and seven fireplaces. Amenities at this Galena lodging venue include cable television, VCR and queen size bed.

The Irish Cottage is another one of the charming Galena hotels. The Galena lodging venue features a day spa, as well as a Celtic crafts shop. However, it has one unique amenity that you will not find in any of the other Galena Illinois hotels: A Fairie Ring!

According to Celtic lore, intruding on the circular dance of the fairies can be rather dangerous. Their enchanting music is so captivating that it can lead a person towards a mysterious phenomenon known as the 'Faerie-Ring'. Once you are inside this ring, you will be unable to avoid dancing to the rhythms of the music. Although you will believe that you are only there for a few minutes, in fact, you will pass many years inside the ring. The Fairie Ring at the Irish Cottage has been modeled after a ring in the Channel Islands. It is an ideal location for outdoor events. However, if you get trapped in the ring for years, you might want to check up on how much they will charge you for your hotel stay!

In addition to the Fairie Ring, the Irish Cottage provides a traditional Irish breakfast of scones and soda bread, as well as a full service fitness center to work off the meal and get in shape for fairy dancing! The Irish Cottage is probably one of the most unique hotels in Galena.

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