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Weather is an important factor that should be considered when planning an Illinois vacation. Since Illinois lies midway between the Continental Divide and the Atlantic Ocean and its southern tip is 500 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, cold winters and warm summers characterize the climate. If your Illinois vacation includes a visit the Windy City of Chicago, this information should influence when you plan your trip. After all, not many cities have a beach in the middle of the downtown area, so why not plan to take advantage of it? When planning an Illinois vacation, you should also keep in mind that the state experiences about 29 tornadoes annually. Peak tornado months are April to June. However, from July to November, you can enjoy your Illinois vacation without any serious concerns about the weather. If you are planning a trip, read on for more Illinois travel information.

Illinois Travel Information

Illinois is home to a diverse range of landscapes and attractions. The northeast corner of the state is filled with lakes, rivers, farms, and Chicago, which is the state's largest city. In Chicago, you will find Lake Michigan, where you can enjoy swimming, boating, bicycling, and numerous other activities. Chicago itself offers cultural activities that are only rivaled by a few other North American cities. If you are taking an Illinois family vacation, your kids will enjoy Six Flags Great America Theme Park, which is located north of Chicago. Canoeing, fishing, and bicycling are also popular activities in this part of the state.

If you are looking for romantic getaways in Illinois the Northwestern part of the state is a hilly, forested region that is filled with a variety of quaint Midwestern towns. Victorian architecture prevails in this region. House tours and antique shopping are popular activities. The Great River Road meanders through Northwestern Illinois and continues south along the Mississippi River to Illinois' southern tip. For adventurous romantic getaways in Illinois, consider traveling down the muddy Mississippi in a houseboat. If that sounds more frightening than romantic a bicycle trip is a great way to enjoy the scenery and interesting attractions.

For more secluded romantic getaways in Illinois, consider the southern region. With the Shawnee National Forest, as its backdrop, southern Illinois is a fantasyland of lakes, creeks, woods, and rock formations. Camping, fishing, and hiking are popular pursuits in this area.

Eastern and central Illinois are rich in agriculture and history that is just waiting to be explores. In Springfield, history buffs can retrace the highlights of Abraham Lincoln's adult life. An interesting selection of historical sites, museums, and festivals pay homage to one of America's greatest leaders.

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