Indiana might not be highest on your list of top destinations to visit in the USA, but anyone who travels to this Midwestern state soon learns that it is one of the most historically important, fascinating, and geographically diverse places in the region. A place where you can explore modern shopping malls in the large cities like Indianapolis, wander along windswept lake shores in the north, leave the cities behind and escape into the plains, and even visit some of the largest Native American reservations in the country to learn more about the indigenous culture of the country, and take a trip into one of the many Indiana Casinos that are available on the reservations.

Indiana tourism is a fairly wide ranging subject, with many different attractions on offer, and plenty to see and do for visitors of all interests. Whether you are visiting the state on a family holiday and looking for the chance to enjoy summer season resorts on the lake front where there are plenty of beaches and Indiana water parks to enjoy, or want to explore the history and culture of the region, you can find exactly the kind of vacation that you are looking for in Indiana.

One of the most famous events in this area is the Indy 500 motor race that takes place in the state capital Indianapolis on Memorial Day Weekend, and although motor racing has always played an important role in attracting visitors to the state, in the past few years, its impact has been reduced by the number of people who take Indiana vacations looking at the other side of life available.

Indiana state parks offer some of the most unspoiled countryside in the country and plenty of diverse landscapes where you can go hiking and camping through the woods and mountains in order to get back to nature. There are also plenty of cabins available for people who prefer the creature comforts, and some of the ones that overlook the main lakes such as Lake Michigan in the north are simply breath taking.

Thanks to the reduced legislation that applies to gambling on the Native American reservations, there are a number of large Indiana casinos where you can spend a few days enjoying world-class entertainment, slot machines, and all the games that you would associate with Las Vegas. One of the benefits of visiting the casinos in Indiana rather than Vegas is the fact that the areas surrounding the casino resorts are often very beautiful parts of nature that allow you to combine the great outdoors with the great indoors unlike almost any where else.

Although Indiana tourism is diverse, it is still an important part of life in the state, and guests are made to feel very welcome during their stay. There are major events throughout the summer months in almost all the towns and cities such as Indianapolis and Nashville, Indiana, and generally, no matter what your personal interests, you should find it easy to relax and enjoy your stay doing the things you love

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