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Flights to Indiana from other parts of the country will generally fly into Indianapolis, the state's capital and largest city. This is the location of the only international airport in the state, and there are Indiana flights to this airport from most major cities in the United States. Airlines providing the most frequent schedules and the best cheap airfare to Indiana include Southwest, US Airways, Frontier, Air Tran, American Airlines, and United. Northwest and Delta also have flights to Indiana but they are less frequent.

You can also fly to Indiana from major airports in other parts of the world, though there are no direct or nonstop flights. You will undoubtedly have to connect through a major U.S. city, such as Los Angeles if you're coming from Asia, Miami if you're coming from South and Central America, or New York City if you're coming from Europe. Most international airlines will have Indiana flights but, for the portion of the flight within the United States, will use the U.S. airline with which they have fare agreements.

While there are many general aviation (primarily for private aircraft usage) airports in Indiana, only a very few of these accept flights to Indiana for aircraft that carry commercial passenger traffic. These airports are in Fort Wayne, Gary, Evansville, and South Bend. Even so, Indiana flights to these cities will generally only originate in Indianapolis.

From all of this, you may think that you have few choices when you fly to Indiana and this is true if you're only talking about the state itself. Indianapolis is located approximately in the center of the state. If your final destination is the northern part of the state, you have additional opportunities for cheap airfare to Indiana by flying into the nearby Chicago airports of O'Hare or Midway. Also close, but a little farther away are the airports in Columbus, Ohio to the west and Detroit to the northwest. No matter how you fly to Indiana you will probably have to look into car rentals when you arrive, unless you have someone meeting you.

As is true with both international travel and travel within the states, you'll find one of the best sources of cheap airfare to Indiana will be the booking tool that you can find on this page. Find your different options for flights to Indiana all in one convenient place. You can often obtain very cheap airfare to Indiana by booking one of the Indiana vacation packages that are available from many different sources. These Indiana vacations will almost always include lodging, and sometimes will also include car rentals and possibly some sightseeing at the attractions in your destination. If you want to fly to Indiana to attend events, the packages will often include admission tickets. It might even turn out that the cost of your entire package will be less than purchasing only the flight.

You'll find that your cheap airfare to Indiana will increase if you're traveling during peak seasons, or planning on arriving during one of the many events occurring throughout the year. In these cases, you may want to consider Indiana flights to somewhere other than the final destination where the event is being held, and then using car rentals for the rest of the journey.

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