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If you’re heading into Indiana you’ve most likely booked a flight as your means of travel, unless you’re driving in from a neighboring state. With a large number of popular flights and airlines to Indiana, the state accommodates with two major international airports and a handful of smaller airports. Many tourists arrive at airports in Indiana on a flight booked through one of the many terrific Indiana vacation packages available. The most popular of all state airports is the Indianapolis International Airport situated in north central Indiana near the famous Speedway, home to the Indy 500. Flights to Indianapolis can be paired with car rentals and lodging for excellent holiday savings.

Some of the most popular domestic flights arriving at the Indianapolis International Airport come from Las Vegas, Baltimore, Chicago, Fort Myers, and Denver. Often there are some great deals and bargains to be had outside of the summer months and holidays when there is a flurry of tourism in Indiana. Indianapolis International Airport welcomes passengers arriving on twelve different airlines and sees through more than 180 daily departures, almost forty that fly to major destinations in the U.S. With more than eight million passengers passing through this Indiana airport annually, fares remain competitive and the airport offers a wealth of excellent amenities, nearby and onsite Indianapolis hotels, and plenty of dining and shopping opportunities.

Fort Wayne, northeast of Lafayette and southwest of Valparaiso, is another city home to one of the many airports in Indiana, though it is only one of two International Indiana airports. Fort Wayne International Airport is the favorite choice of all airports in Indiana by business travelers because of its location in the heart of nine major U.S. destinations. These include Detroit, Chicago, Toledo, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville, and Columbus. These cities are all conveniently within two hundred miles of Fort Wayne International making travel fast and easy. Six major American airlines serve this Indiana airport through ten nonstop daily flights. These airlines also service many flights throughout Asia and Europe.

There are an enormous number of other airports in Indiana that are county, regional, and municipal airports. There are two major regional airports in Indiana. One is located in Evansville, due south of Terre Haute, and the other is in South Bend, situated at the northern border of Michigan State. For the most part tourists use either Indianapolis International or Fort Wayne International, which are both world-class airports.

Once you’ve arrived on your flight to Indiana there are a wealth of attractions and sights to see. Whether you’re traveling on business or pleasure, there are many must-see places that make a trip to Indiana memorable. Many visitors arrive specifically for the Indy 500, a world-renowned racing event held at famous Indiana Speedway. The many magnificent natural areas in Indiana, such as the national and state parks, as well as the beautiful state forest, offer one-of-a-kind outdoor experiences through hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and more. Endless pristine lakes found throughout the state offer a place to relax, unwind and take in some brilliant sunsets. Indiana offers boundless choices for modern travelers and two ideal international airports to arrive at and safely set out on your next adventure.

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