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Indiana attractions run the gamut, from the beaches on the shores of Lake Michigan and a number of riverboat casinos to the excitement of Indianapolis tourist attractions like the Indy 500 and beautiful Lake Patoka in the southern part of the state. You'll find other Indiana tourist attractions throughout the state.

Most people who visit Indiana will spend some time exploring the Indianapolis attractions in the state's capital and largest city. As luck would have it, the most important of all Indiana tourist attractions is in the city itself. The Indy 500, held each year in May, is one of the most important NASCAR circuit races and is held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For a racing enthusiast, getting a ticket to this race is like getting a ticket to the Super Bowl for a football lover. It's one of the most important events in Indiana, and one of the most visited Indianapolis tourist attractions is the famous Speedway. Established in 1909, it is part of the history of Indiana, and boasts a museum with an impressive automotive collection. Races are held here throughout the summer.

There are many other Indianapolis attractions for visitors to enjoy. Spend some time exploring Broad Ripple Village, a district with six different cultural neighborhoods, full of museums, galleries, shops, restaurants and clubs. The Indianapolis Museum of Art boasts an impressive collection of art from around the world. There is also a beautiful park consisting of 100 acres of wetlands, forest, and a lake. If traveling with your family, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis (it bills itself as the largest children's museum in the world) will keep the kids busy with fascinating interactive exhibits. And, children of all ages will be delighted with the animals at the Indianapolis Zoo, from tigers and polar bears to cheetahs and dolphins. The zoo is located in White River State Park, another of the Indianapolis tourist attractions that is also popular with locals. This is the only urban park in the city, with plenty of green spaces, an IMAX theater and the respected Eiteljorg Museum of American West and Native America.

There are plenty of outdoor and recreational Indiana attractions to entice. With more than 400 courses for golfing in the state, Indiana is a prime destination for the sport. There are great hiking trails, from wooded state parks to the beaches and dunes along Lake Michigan. In fact, one of the Indiana tourist attractions is the Lake Michigan coastline, shared by the state of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. The Indiana beaches here are considered the best on the lake. Patoka Lake offers opportunities for fishing and camping.

Other Indiana tourist attractions include a town named Santa Claus, site of the Holiday World Amusement Park and a post office handling thousands of letters addressed to Santa every year. Bloomington, home of Indiana University, boasts wineries. You can explore four beautiful caves in the southern part of the state or go shopping at a surprising number of malls and shops in Terre Haute.

While Indianapolis attractions can be visited using the city's public transportation, you will probably need to rely on car rentals to explore the Indiana attractions a little further off the beaten path.

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