Indiana Car Rentals

Indiana car rentals provide you greater freedom to sightsee independently, at your own pace, and even to visit the attractions in the neighboring states of Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan.

You can rent a car in Indiana from companies that fall into two major categories. These are: small local agencies that service a particular region or city, or one of the major nationwide franchises. If you're choosing the former, you will find that the vehicles are generally less expensive, but you will probably only have the option of returning it to the point of origin. There may also be a certain radius in which you must remain.

A not-so-famous, but nonetheless international, company that provides Indiana car rentals is Ace Rent A Car. With locations in more than twenty states as well as Central and South America, Australia, and Europe, Ace prides itself on offering lower rates than the big companies and more personalized customer service.

If you want to rent a car in Indiana from one of the major nationwide franchises, you will find that most of them are represented in the state. All of these have Indianapolis car rentals available, and most have branches in the larger cities. For an Indiana airport car rental you will find the most choices at Indianapolis, although several will be represented at the airports in Fort Wayne, Gary, Evansville, and South Bend. These options will allow you to pick up the vehicle in one place and drop it off at another (including if you're renting at O'Hare Airport in Chicago), giving you more opportunities to visit the many attractions in the state. You should consider booking your Indiana airport car rental ahead of your scheduled visit for the best price and to ensure you have the vehicle of your choice.

If you are considering one of the many Indiana vacation packages, you'll find that Indiana car rentals are often included as part of the package. These kinds of vacations are often built around events and festivals in the state. For instance, Indianapolis car rentals are likely to be included in packages centered around the celebrated Indy 500 held in May. An Indiana airport car rental is probably what will be included. Indiana car rentals can also add some unique excitement to your visit. When you rent a car in Indiana you will find that a small number of companies provide limousines and classic cars. Look for Indianapolis car rentals that advertise specials for the Indy 500. These will probably be a bit more pricey, but they certainly will add some fun and class!

Once you rent a car in Indiana you'll want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the state's rules of the road. The regulations probably aren't all that different from the driving regulations in your home state, but most states do have their own road rule idiosyncrasies. Most companies offering Indiana car rentals will provide you with a flyer providing the basic regulations concerning insurance, driver minimum age, and speed limits. They often will also provide you with maps and guides for various cities and the state, including most of the popular attractions and things to do.

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