Caverns in Indiana

Caving is a centuries-old, well-loved activity experienced by millions of people around the world. For some, caving means visiting exotic destinations, renting copious amount of gear, and experiencing a grueling trek but that doesn’t ring true in Indiana. In the southern region of the state, Indiana caves are the biggest attraction and one of the most exciting things to do. These southern caverns in Indiana, like beautiful Wyandotte Caves, attract thousands of visitors annually seeking to explore the incredible geography and geology of these unique underground landscapes.

Tucked into the rolling hills of beautiful Harrison-Crawford State Forest, the Wyandotte Caves have intrigued and captivated tourists on Indiana vacations for more than a decade and a half. Mammoth passageways and massive rooms are incredible sights as are the gleaming crystals and exquisite formations that create an incredible and rare diversity. The Wyandotte Caves are a designated National Landmark. The extraordinary helictites, passageways and subterranean mountain are the main highlights inside. Three main tours are readily available, taking visitors across rugged, yet easily traversed, terrain to experience the undeniable beauty of the caves.

Open all year round, and featuring a balmy average of fifty-two degree Fahrenheit every day of the year, Marengo Caves are another renowned stop in southern Indiana and one of the biggest attractions in the region. The entrance to Marengo Caves Park is the gateway to spectacular Indiana caves and a wealth of other exciting activities to choose from. Camping, canoeing, and hiking are all available throughout the park. There are also rustic camping cabins for rent on the park grounds for those who want to stay and enjoy the attractions at their leisure. At these caverns in Indiana, visitors can choose from two distinct walking tours, the Maze Crawl, walking trails, gemstone mining, and more. Experienced guides lead visitors through the magnificent Indiana caves, interpreting all sights in depth.

At Blue Spring Caverns visitors explore the longest underground river in the United States. Customized boats whisk cavers off on an unforgettable journey through passageways chiseled by perpetually flowing rivers. Gliding along Myst'ry River inside these phenomenal caverns in Indiana, the natural formations carved by thousand-year-old glaciers and free flowing water remain a testament to the wonders of nature. Blue Spring Caverns are surrounded by scenic parklands ideal for relaxing walks after a tour or picnics at the designated areas available.

The Marengo Caves are perhaps the most popular of the lot yet there are a number of other subterranean cavernous worlds waiting to be explored. Home to America’s most enduring underground river, Blue Spring Caverns comes in a close second in popularity. Roaring waterfalls, massive caverns, rushing rivers, and intricate formations carved over thousands of years are the highlights visitors are anxious to see throughout caverns in Indiana. For a look into a truly fascinating realm buried deep under the earth’s surface, visit Indiana and experience the rush of caving.

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