Evansville Indiana

Evansville Indiana is the third largest city in Indiana. Located in the southeast corner of Indiana, Evansville is very near the states of Kentucky and Illinois. It is located on the Ohio River, which separates Indiana from Kentucky, and is often referred to as the "River City." One of the most popular things to do in Evansville is to take a ride on a casino riverboat, a trend in Indiana that started in Evansville.

Riverboat casinos are not the only attractions in Evansville Indiana, though it are probably the most unique. There are Evansville events year round that keep travelers pouring in from across the country. Annual festivals in Evansville are very popular. These include the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, which is a large street fair in October, the Evansville Freedom Festival in July, and the Frog Follies in August, which is a gathering of street rods on the fairgrounds just north of the city.

Evansville Indiana is also home to a number of parks and zoos. These attractions are great things to do in Evansville for families. The city of Evansville Indiana operates about 65 city parks. One of the most popular examples of the Evansville parks is Burdette Park. It is a large park equipped with pools, softball fields, ponds, tracks, and other infrastructure. The city also is home to the Mesker Zoo, a park with over 700 animals surrounded by a wide array of exotic flora. The Wessleman Woods Nature Preserve is also located within the Evansville city limits and is a large tract of virgin forests. The parks and preserve are great options for free things to do in Evansville. Another option is located about an hour outside of Evansville—Patoka Lake, a great place for outdoor recreation.

Another part of the Evansville park system are the golf courses. Evansville Indiana golf can be experienced at any of Evansville's three 18-hole courses or one 9-hole course. The wide array of courses gives Evansville Indiana golf a flexibility that is not seen in many cities. Evansville Indiana golf is a great reason to plan a trip to this River City.

For those travelers who wish to experience other parts of the culture of this city, there are a wide range of Evansville events to suite their needs. Evansville is home to an active orchestra that holds performances throughout the year and several dance and theater companies that are also very active. Concerts and sporting events are often held in the city's sports stadium. The large number of Evansville events serves as great bait to draw in tourists year-round. The University of Evansville is also very active in the community offering a number of performing arts events every year.

Evansville Indiana is a great destination for travelers of all ages and life styles. This midwestern city offers visitors with a wide range of activities to keep everyone happy, whether with outdoor adventures at the preserves, a quiet day golfing, a cultural experience at a festival, or a fun day at the park with the family. Evansville offers a wide range of great Indiana attractions. Choosing Evansville Indiana for a vacation destination is a great way to enjoy the best of the midwest.

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