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The abundance of both man made and natural Indiana lakes create an environment so appealing to anglers that fishing is definitely one of the top sports in the state next to golfing. One of the many benefits of Indiana fishing is that the sport can be experienced throughout the state creating the opportunity to enjoy Indiana vacations encompassing a number of different state attractions. From fly fishing in Indiana to angling for steelhead, trout and a number of other fish varieties, the breadth of excellent locations provides the chance for anyone to squeeze in a fishing trip, no matter where you are in the state.

When it comes to trapping, hunting, or fishing in Indiana visitors as well as Indiana natives must purchase and carry a fishing license from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Whether you’re visiting for a season of trout fishing in Indiana or any other variety of fish, if you’re planning on fishing any public streams, lakes, tributaries, rivers, or any boundary waters, you have to have a valid fishing license. Anglers planning on trout fishing in Indiana or fishing for salmon must also have a valid salmon and trout stamp. This must be in your possession to legally enjoy the sport and to catch and keep fish from any public body of water.

In the summer months, Indiana steelhead fishing throughout the north is considered some of the best fishing around. Skamania is one of the most popular annual events. Skamania is a type of steelhead, that enter the shallow parts of Lake Michigan, near Michigan City, and head toward the streams and creeks for the annual spawning season in the summer rather than the fall. Indiana steelhead fishing at this time of year can reap the best reward; a trophy-size fish you will never stop bragging about! The mature varieties of Skamania reach an average weight of eight to thirteen pounds and can often top the scales at up to twenty pounds. During this time of year cities like Valparaiso, Michigan City, and South Bend fill up fast. If you’re looking to book accommodation it’s wise to make plans well ahead of time.

Not only is Lake Michigan excellent for steelhead fishing, a number of other fish varieties thrive in the deep lake water. Perch, rainbow trout, lake trout, small and largemouth bass, chinook salmon, and walleye are also common catches. Whether you’re into casting a line or two while on vacation or enjoying the full angling experience, Lake Michigan is the place to do it. If you’re planning a vacation with others not into an Indiana fishing experience, Lake Michigan is ideal. A renowned holiday destination, visitors can swim, water ski, sun bathe, beachcomb, boogie board, and much more. Area hiking, golfing, and many other outdoor activities are all possibilities. The Lake Michigan area is also perfect for lake lodging, with plenty of hotels, motels, condos, cabins, and other vacation rentals available.

Anglers interested in fly fishing in Indiana will be pleased with the host of choices available. There are three distinct state areas where fly fishing is considered top notch. These include; northern Indiana, northwestern Indiana, and southern Indiana. Northwest of Fort Wayne lies Elkhart, a county well known for some of the best fly fishing in Indiana. Little Elkhart River, Cobus Creek, and Solomon Creek are the three top contenders in the county for Indiana fishing. There are over ten other area creeks, streams, and rivers ideal for fly fishing.

Throughout northwest Indiana around Porter, La Porte, Fulton, and St Joseph, there are more than fifteen terrific areas perfect for casting flies. Beautiful Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, situated in the northwestern area of the state, is a fantastic place for camping, or any other lodging, for vacationers. Anglers seeking out a variety of game fish can rest assured fishing in Indiana produces a range of great fish. Bass is yet another popular catch. The most popular lakes for bass fishing include Patoka Lake, Lake Michigan, and Hardin Lake.

The only real choice for salmon fishing in Indiana is Lake Michigan, but it is a great choice indeed. The lake affords anglers three possibilities; coho salmon, atlantic salmon, and pink salmon. So as far as anglers are concerned, Indiana passes the test of a memorable fishing destination with flying colors. If you manage to tear yourself away from the lakes for a little sightseeing you won’t be disappointed. Colorful Indianapolis, breathtaking national parks and forests, incredible resorts, fascinating caves, and much more await, bidding visitors to explore and discover Indiana from border to border.

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