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Indiana’s diverse topography lends innumerable opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy some of the top Indiana hiking trails. Aside from famous and beautiful Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, there are a large number of different trails and hiking areas to explore while on Indiana vacations. There are two main types of natural terrain found in the state both great for hiking in Indiana; gently rolling, hilly landscape throughout the northern area and rugged slopes throughout the south leading all the way to the Ohio River. Those looking for more challenging trails in Indiana should head to Wayne County where the highest point in Indiana reaches almost four hundred meters.

State parks and forests are plentiful and offer much of the best Indiana hiking for visitors and locals. With so many exciting outdoor areas emphasized by beautiful natural surroundings, Indiana hikes can be one of the best ways to explore the state in more depth. Avid hikers looking for Indiana hiking trails offering a few days of interesting trekking should consider the Adventure Hiking Trail, the longest trail in Indiana aside from Knobstone Trail. Beginning in Corydon, south of Bloomington and near Hoosier National Forest, the trail consists of a network of Indiana hiking trails skirting ravines, fascinating caves, and lush riverside bluffs. The trail has been revised a number of times and is currently more than twenty-five miles in length.

Out of the more than twenty or so of the most popular hiking trails in Indiana, Clifty Falls State Park is one of the most scenic Indiana hiking trails in the state. Clifty Falls features five stunning waterfalls and a circuit of park hiking routes that connect inside the Clifty Falls area. Maps of the region show visitors which trails to take to see the best highlights in the park including not only the waterfalls but also incredible plunging canyon walls and other fascinating geographic elements. The best time for Indiana hiking in the state park are spring and winter when the falls are flowing rapidly while the canyon and creek are striking sights all year-round.

History buffs love Turkey Run State Park, where remarkable sandstone cliffs date back more than 300,000 years. A patchwork of state park trails create scenic routes alongside panoramic Sugar Creek and throughout the area’s canyons. Anglers can cast a line into the creek, a popular canoe route and bass fishing area. Some of the most prominent features of the park include post-glacial tributaries that have chiseled the canyons creating some of the most distinguished features of Turkey Run.

The Beach Trail, running along Lake Michigan at Indiana Dunes, Cope Hollow Loop in Hoosier National Forest, and Pokagon Trail in Pokagon State Park are only a handful of other popular trails in Indiana ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Thick forests, deep ravines, rippling streams, sheer canyons, and a host of native wildlife are only some of the rewards along many of the best Indiana hiking areas. Indiana hiking trails are exceptional for diversity as so many different routes connect to each other, creating a labyrinth of paths that make each hiking trip unique. One of the best ways to soak in the beauty of Indiana is to combine state park camping with exciting hiking excursions for a deeper look at the stunning natural attractions.

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