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Indianapolis Indiana is the capital city of Indiana. This bustling city is located in central Indiana in a region of the United States known as the Central Till Plains, with two rivers, White River and Fall Creek, flowing through. Tourism in Indianapolis Indiana is a major staple to the city's economy. Indianapolis travel has become very plentiful within the past few decades, making Indianapolis vacations an area of growing interest. This interest has brought a wide array of available Indianapolis travel deals, and yielded plenty of things to do in this great city.

Indianapolis travel is popular for a number of reasons. There are a large number of things to do in Indianapolis from sporting events, to festivals, to museums. One of the most popular sporting events in Indiana is the Indy 500, a major racing event, which takes place in Indianapolis. The Allstate 400, another big racecar event, and NCAA basketball games also bring many tourists to Indianapolis Indiana.

Indianapolis prides itself on its rich culture. To promote this culture, its government has in recent years put forth a great effort to promote the city. One way in which they have accomplished this is by scheduling events in the city. Festivals and conventions are popular reasons to plan Indianapolis vacations. Festivals in Indiana are plentiful. Indianapolis, being the capital and largest city of this midwestern state, has the largest number of festivals of any city in the state. Indianapolis Indiana is the host to festivals and events ranging from wine festivals and music festivals, to art fairs and quilt shows. The Indy Wine Fest is a large event held in February, and the Talbot Art Fair in June are two of the area's more popular festivals. Indianapolis vacations will provide tourists with a plethora of cultural offerings to fill time with fun things to do.

To further showcase the diverse culture of Indianapolis, the city has designated six distinct Cultural Districts. These Cultural Districts have historical and cultural significance and have become popular areas for tourists. These districts are Indiana Avenue, The Wholesale District, Canal and White River State Park, Broad Ripple Village, Fountain Square, and Massachusetts Avenue. Great shopping, restaurants, lodging, and other great attractions can be found in these districts. They should definitely be on any Indianapolis traveler's to do list.

The museums that this city offers are also things that should be added to a tourist's to do list. Indianapolis Indiana offers a number of different museum options. There is a children's museum that is very popular with families. Art museums are plentiful in Indianapolis, with the Indianapolis Museum of Art, a contemporary art museum, the National Art Museum of Sport, and a museum of American art. There are also a few artist-specific art museums. Indianapolis is a great place for art-lovers of any kind to visit.

Tourists also enjoy visiting other Indianapolis attractions such as the Indianapolis Zoo, which is best known for its spectacular dolphin exhibit. Indianapolis's park system is also a popular option for tourists. The system operates about 200 parks, with two of the most popular being Garfield Park and White River State Park.

Indianapolis has a plethora of events and attractions to keep tourists busy. Whether it is museums or festivals, Indianapolis Indiana has something for everyone.

Indianapolis Indiana


Indianapolis Indiana is the capital city of Indiana. This bustling city is ...

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