Richmond Indiana

The city of Richmond Indiana is located in east central Indiana and borders the state of Ohio. Richmond is a city known for its architecture and jazz culture. This lively city is a little-known vacation gem and has the promise off offering lots of options for enjoying time in the city.

For those visiting to experience this city's jazz history and culture, it is important to understand just what happened in jazz in Richmond Indiana. This city is called the "Cradle of Recorded Jazz." This name stems from its history as studio of Gennett Records which recorded some of jazz's earliest records. Not far from Gennett Records is the Gennett Walk of Fame, a place along the Whitewater Gorge Trail that commemorates some of the great jazz artists that recorded at the site. Such commemorated artists include Louis Armstrong and Joe "King" Oliver. The Gennett Walk of Fame is one of the best known Richmond Indiana attractions.

There are a number of things to do in Richmond Indiana that are closely tied to its historical architecture. There are a number of historic districts that are a pleasure to stroll through, each of which give visitors a taste of Indiana history. These districts include the Old Richmond Historic District, the Richmond Railroad Station Historic District, the Reeveston Place Historic District, the East Main Street-Glen Miller Park Historic District, and the Starr Historic District. Historic buildings are popular Richmond Indiana attractions. Those of note are the Pennsylvania Railroad Station built in 1902 and the Wayne County Court House built in 1893.

Some great museums to visit are the Wayne County Historical Museum and the Joseph Moore Museum. Richmond Indiana also has an art museum. For visitors who enjoy sports, Richmond has a football hall of fame featuring noteworthy Indiana football players. There are also plenty of sporting venues throughout the city to watch or participate in a game.

For visitors wishing to enjoy the outdoors, there are a number or outdoor-oriented things to do in Richmond Indiana. These include an arboretum that features almost 200 plant species, Glen Miller Park with a rose garden, infrastructure for children, and hiking trails, and the Cardinal Greenway Hiking Trail, a 2.5 mile trail through the city, perfect for hikers, joggers, and bikers. All of these things are free things to do in Richmond Indiana. Beyond these things, Richmond Indiana is also home to a number of golf courses for visitors to enjoy. For travelers wishing to enjoy the outdoors while on their Indiana getaways, Richmond is a good choice.

Throughout Richmond there are a multitude of other opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. These opportunities include canoe rentals, sky diving, putt putt golf, orchards, and farmers markets. Also, Richmond is home to a theatre that hosts productions throughout the year.

Richmond Indiana is a perfect destination for travelers wishing to experience the outdoors without loosing the comforts of a city. There are plenty of Richmond Indiana attractions to please anyone wishing to visit this smaller city in eastern Indiana. And for those who are not coming for the outdoor recreation, there are plenty of museums and other attractions to please them as well. Richmond Indiana really has something for everyone.

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