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Terre Haute Indiana is located in west central Indiana. The city is very near the Illinois state line and is about an hour's drive from Indianapolis. Terre Haute is located in a beautiful setting on the Wabash River, a river that brings many visitors to this midwestern city throughout the year. Likewise, attractions in Terre Haute are plentiful.

The best-known attractions in Terre Haute are the number of museums that dot the city, each of which holding important parts of Indiana history. Terre Haute has a history with Coca-Cola: it is the birthplace of the Coca-Cola bottle. The now world-renowned countoured shape of the Coca-Cola bottle was designed and first introduced in this midwestern town in Indiana in 1915 and 1916. One of the city's museums that highlights this history is the Historical Museum of the Wabash Valley. It is a museum held in a historic home in Terre Haute and holds a large collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia. Another museum of the area is the Birthplace of Paul Dresser who was an American composer during the late 1800s. Families, and children in particular, enjoy the Children's Museum which is located in downtown Terre Haute Indiana. Another of the attractions of Terre Haute is the art scene. Art galleries and museums can be found throughout the city. Visitors can thoroughly enjoy the art scene of Terre Haute by taking one of the art tours through downtown. This is a great way to fully experience the art that the city offers.

Though Terre Haute prides itself on its preservation of history and art, many tourist come to Terre Haute Indiana for the shopping. The Terre Haute shopping experience is extensive with a large number of malls and plaza to be enjoyed. This city is known as being the retail hub for an area spanning over 70 miles. The most known shopping destination in the city is the Honey Creek Mall which boasts around 100 stores, including some of the most frequented shops in the United States. Terre Haute is also a great place for consignment and antique shopping with such stores found throughout the city.

The performing arts in the city also offers lots of things to do in Terre Haute and are big Indiana tourist attractions. This city boasts a wide range of performing arts from orchestras to theater companies. Orchestras and theatre are not the only arts on the city's agenda, Terre Haute Indiana also boasts a number of choirs and a community band. All of these offer concerts throughout the year, promising tourists a taste of the performing arts culture that is alive in this city.

Things to do in Terre Haute are plentiful. Visitors to this area are promised a great shopping experience and a dose of history. Attractions in Terre Haute pull visitors to the city from miles around, which just goes to show that the things to do in Terre Haute are worth the trip. Located just miles away from other scenic areas, Terre Haute is a great vacation destination choice for families and individuals. This city makes a great Indianapolis day trip and the experience here is sure to please.

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