Valparaiso Indiana

The city of Valparaiso Indiana is located in northwest Indiana, and is a suburb of Chicago. Valparaiso, meaning "Paradise Valley" in Spanish, is often called Valpo by its natives. Valparaiso Indiana can easily be seen as a paradise to many of the visitors it this city. There are a wide range of things to do in Valparaiso, and there is something to fit into any travelers vacation agenda.

Valparaiso attractions are numerous. The city's location in northwest Indiana places the city in a prime location for outdoor enthusiasts. Valparaiso Indiana is a very short distance from both the Indiana dunes and Lake Michigan, both of which are popular places for outdoor activities such as camping, swimming, and hiking. Outdoor enthusiasts are not the only ones that can find something fun to do at these locations, families are popular visitors to these places as well. Other outdoor-themed things to do in Valparaiso include an arboretum and garden, and a drive-in theater.

Valparaiso Indiana also holds a number of festivals each year, all of which are very popular amongst Valparaiso natives and visitors. One such festival is the Wizard of Oz Festival, which is held every September in the Porter County Expo Center. The Porter County Fair is a popular event to consider when planning trips to Valparaiso.

Another popular festival is the Popcorn Festival. With Valparaiso Indiana being the birthplace of popcorn-legend Orville Redenbacher, it seems only natural for such a festival to be one of the largest annual events in this city, and the festival is in honor of him. The Popcorn Festival, held on the first Saturday after Labor Day, consists of parades, a balloon launch, racing events, and a wide array of other fair activities. This festival is unique to the city of Valparaiso and is definitely worth a trip.

There are a number of other Valparaiso attractions that bring visitors to this city. One such reason for trips to Valparaiso is the Memorial Opera House. This theater hosts a number of musical theater events throughout the year. Attending these musical theater productions is one of the most popular things to do in Valparaiso. The city also plays host to a community driven theater guild which performs throughout the year. The performing arts in this city are very important to the residents and the tourists.

Valparaiso Indiana is also a sight of many historic buildings. The most notable of these places is the Banta Neighborhood, which has become one of the best-known Valparaiso attractions. This neighborhood is a popular location for tourists and residents alike to stroll and see the historic homes. Many historic architectural styles are featured there.

So whether visitors come to witness an important part of Indiana history at the home of one of America's best-known and favorite popcorn brands, participate in an annual festival, attend the theater, or just stroll the streets, Valparaiso Indiana is a great place to visit. It is in close proximity to some of most well-known areas of the midwest and offers vacationers many attractions and activities.

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