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As it is located in the northern United States, there are four distinct Indiana seasons that may affect your Indiana vacation plans. It's easy enough to travel to Indiana regardless of the time of year, and many attractions in Indiana are accessible year round. Nonetheless, what time of year you plan to make your trip to Indiana depends on just what you what things to do are of interest to you.

Where you decide to travel within the state also will make a difference in your Indiana vacation plans. Although there are distinct Indiana seasons with winter being generally cold, there is a sharp contrast between the northern and southern parts of the state. The north, as it is on located on Lake Michigan, can be bitterly cold. But, if you've chosen winter for your Indiana vacations, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful time of year. A trip to Indiana at this time of year is excellent for skiing and other outdoor winter activities. There are 14 inches of average annual snowfall in southern Indiana and up to 76 inches in the snow belt of the north central Indiana region near Lake Michigan.

Other winter attractions in Indiana include cross country skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and winter camping. Many of the attractions in Indiana that are most active during other Indiana seasons will offer discounts during the winter. This is definitely an off-peak season, and lodging rates will be lower than they are during the summer. Most all accommodations, including the state's resorts, can be considered cheap hotels during this time of year.

Other than winter, the sky is pretty much the limit with things to do in the state. As with most northern states, spring can be rainy, with May being the wettest month of the year. Spring can come late, and autumn may come earlier, depending on climatic trends during any given year. However, travel to Indiana during these times of year has much to offer. They are particularly beautiful Indiana seasons, with autumn offering colorful foliage, and spring showcasing blooming flowers. These are shoulder seasons, and lodging rates will be lower than during the summer. Many statewide events and festivals are held during the spring and autumn months, with the autumn offering harvest festivals and spring bring the opening ceremonies at many sites, including the beginning of the golfing season on the many courses in the state.

The warmest of Indiana seasons is summer, as with other northern states. This is the most active time for all attractions and is the season with the most things to do. July is the hottest month. But still, because of the states northern latitude, the temperatures are rarely higher than the low 80s. If you're planning your Indiana vacation for the summer months, be aware that this is the peak travel season for the state. You will need to make your bookings further ahead than you might if you travel to Indiana at other times of the year.

The state has excellent Lake Michigan beaches, wonderful wilderness parks, and beautiful lakes that are ideal for a trip to Indiana at any time of year. But they offer the most during the spring, summer, and autumn.

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