Adventureland Inn

The Adventureland Inn provides guests with resort facilities along with plenty of entertainment for the whole family, all within walking distance of the Adventureland Amusement Park and its exhilarating rides. There are lots of accommodations options in the area, but one of the most popular options is the Adventureland Resort, which provides plenty of space and services to cater to the needs of every guest, whether you’re planning a wedding or just trying to put together the perfect family reunion or getaway. Appealing to guests of all tastes, the Adventureland hotel in Iowa promises guests to experience a comprehensive vacation during their entire stay in Altoona.

The rooms at the Adventureland Inn range from the standard guestroom to the luxuriously furnished suites. The standard room offers basic furnishings and a sufficient amount of comfort for addressing essentials and needs. Balcony rooms, recently remodeled, provide similar furnishings along with a balcony that overlooks either the east or the west courtyard pool areas. On the ground floor, pool level rooms, also similarly furnished for basic lodging needs, provide guests with a patio that opens up to one of the pools in either the east or west courtyards. Accessible rooms, freshly renovated, appeal to guests with special needs with roll in showers and locations on the ground floor.

If luxury is what you’re after, the Adventureland Resort also offers a selection of suites, including the Junior Family Suite, Outer Family Suite, Family Suite Balcony, and Family Suite Pool Level, among others, and each offers a varied experience of luxury in a larger space to spread out and indulge yourself during your vacation.

The Adventureland Inn encourages large groups planning a get-together or event at Adventureland or in Altoona to make group reservations. This not only allows for a bit of savings, but it also provides for planning and other offered services at the Adventureland hotel in Iowa. Such events as weddings, conferences, reunions, conventions, receptions, and banquets are often held and accommodated by the Adventureland Resort. Those who are planning such events can make with the Adventureland Inn; reservations for these occasions are made over the phone with a hotel correspondent.

In addition to accommodations and events, the Adventureland hotel in Iowa offers two courtyard areas with an ample amount of recreational facilities in each, including pools, water park amenities, food for purchase, and shaded seating areas. These features are reserved exclusively for hotel guests, who are provided with wristbands; guests with visitors may purchase a limited supply of additional wristbands to allow their visitors to join them in the pool area. Guests of the Adventureland Inn are encouraged to bring similar necessities as would be brought to the beach, such as sunscreen, swimwear, and swimming paraphernalia, including goggles, flip flops, and earplugs, beach towels, and games, to ensure you have a great time at the hotel’s water park areas.

Whether you intend to visit Adventureland Amusement Park exclusively or venture out into the Des Moines metro area for other attractions and entertainment, staying at the Adventureland Resort is a sure way to have some of the best accommodations in central Iowa.

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