Adventureland Rides

Adventureland rides offer more than a just a bit of exhilaration—they offer guests an entire encounter to enjoy with family and friends. Beyond the rides at Adventureland USA, there are several themed areas where guests can enjoy different attractions and entertainment. With such a range of rides and things to do, Adventureland in Altoona Iowa is an excellent choice for vacationers of all types, from amusement-park lovers to those just looking for an entertaining place to spend an Iowa vacation.

The best rides at Adventureland are spaced out and sectioned into themed areas that give the park it’s entertaining atmostphere. For instance, Adventure Island is a family-friendly water play area with plenty of water slides. Bavaria, featuring a German theme, is home to Sky Ride and Alpine Arcade. The Boulevard offers several attractions, including the Giant Skywheel, which was constructed in the 1800s, while the rural themed County Fair provides fair type games along with the Tornado wooden coaster.

Dragon Island was originally named Riverview when it was established in 1979, for the attractions it contained from the Riverview Park that was once in Des Moines; it features the Dragon roller coaster. Iowa Farm was created in a farm-like atmosphere with various replicas of farm animals, including a giant pig. At Main Street, located at the entrance of the park, visitors will find a reproduction of a town square along with A-Train, a carousel, and various gift shops, restaurants, and other service establishments.

You can step back into the Old Western days at Outlaw Gulch, which boasts a ghost town, The Outlaw wooden coaster, the Sidewinder, a gigantic swinging gondola, the Chuckwagon Ferris Wheel, the Saw Mill Splash water ride, the Royal Hanneford Circus, and a diverse selection of games and entertainment. River City, featuring the Raging River, is inspired by the charm and music of New Orleans. Finally, Space Shot Midway is home to several Adventureland rides, including Space Shot, The Underground, and Dodge-Em Cars.

While there is a plentiful supply of rides in the park, there are a few notable roller coasters and rides that offer thrills and excitement as well as a bit of amusement park history. The four major roller coasters of Adventureland USA include the aforementioned Adventureland Dragon, a steel double loop coaster built in 1991; The Outlaw, a wooden coaster opened in 1993; the Tornado, another wooden roller coaster and one of the oldest in the park; and The Underground, featuring a dark thrill which takes place indoors.

Water rides are also among the popular and best rides at Adventureland, particularly on the hottest summer days. Popular water rides include the River Rapids Log Flume, one of the oldest water rides at Adventureland; the Raging River, which offers white water rafting; Saw Mill Splash, a spinning raft flume ride; and Splash Over, which thrusts passengers back and forth through a curtain of water. Within the water park section of Adventureland USA, there are several smaller sections as well, including Adventure Bay, Kokomo Kove, and the Bermuda Quadrangle, which together boast a variety of slides, swimming pools, and rides. Additionally, guests of Adventureland can enjoy a selection of shows for all ages, such as magic shows, musical performances, theatrics, and acrobatics.

From the exhilarating thrill of the coasters to the most relaxing family friendly rides, visitors can choose from the best rides at Adventureland and walk away from the park rides entertained and ready to line up for more. This amusement park in Iowa is a perennially popular destination, and with so much to offer guests, from the range of coupons and discount tickets to plenty of nearby hotels, it’s not hard to see why.

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