Adventureland Tickets

Adventureland tickets can be purchased in several methods, including at the gate, online, and as a season pass. Special discounts are offered for large groups and corporate events, in addition to a variety of other price reductions for other reasons, including admission for special needs guests, small children, and seniors. Adventureland discount tickets are also available for a second-day visit for guests who enter the park two consecutive days. No matter how you buy your tickets for Adventureland Des Moines, visitors will find plenty of excitement and fond memories on all of the Adventureland rides.

Regular admission Adventureland tickets can be obtained at a $5 discount if you buy ahead of time online, while children ages 4 through 9 and adults over age 65 will have a similar discount at the box office. Anyone with special needs, including pregnant guests or anyone with a cast covering a broken bone, for instance, have a discount of $12 off the admission price. When visiting for two days in success, guests will get $15 off the regular admission price, and children under age 4 are always free. Do keep in mind that if you’re planning to drive to Adventureland, parking is not included in the price of admission; there is a separate fee.

A single type of season pass for Adventureland is available for purchase, and it grants access to the park and all of its venues for one season, and parking is included in the cost of the season pass. For groups of fifteen or more, reduced rates are offered for individuals and for a variety of special days and events. Some group visits require advance reservations, particularly for large groups, and ID at registration for specific groups is required for special group visits. Corporate Adventureland discount tickets can also be arranged at a variety of prices. Depending on the size of your group, individual prices for one-day admission Adventureland tickets vary; typically, as the group size grows larger, the prices become lower.

Some companies sell Adventureland discount tickets to their employees at significantly reduced rates; these particular tickets usually offer about $10 off a single-day ticket, while second-day admission can be bought with these consignment tickets for a similar discount. Fun Club Family Discount Cards are one of the most convenient methods for employers to offer discounts for Adventureland tickets to their employees. The Fun Club is a complimentary discount service; employers distribute the discount cards to employees, who in turn, use the card to acquire savings on tickets for Adventureland Des Moines for the whole family. The Fun Club is valid for an entire season, and savings on the Fun Club Card vary throughout the season; this is a great option for businesses that are located in and around the Des Moines metro area, or at least within a day’s drive.

Vacation packages through Des Moines hotels may also be available, so check on the discount options with your accommodation before you go as well. Whatever type of admission you choose for your visit to Adventureland, you’re guaranteed an entertaining vacation, so be sure to start planning your getaway as soon as possible—you won’t want to wait long for a return trip.

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