Flights to Iowa

You will find flights to Iowa into ten different airports that have commercial passenger service. Two of these airports are not actually in the state at all, and sometimes you will find your best cheap Iowa flights will be to these places. One is the Omaha Airport on the Missouri River in Nebraska, and the other is the Quad Cities Airport on the Mississippi River in Illinois.

These two rivers form the eastern and western borders of the state, and flying into one of them is not only a source of cheap Iowa flights but also can be more convenient if your destination is Davenport (Quad Cities) or Council Bluffs (Omaha). In fact, due to an oxbow of the Missouri River, the Omaha Airport is actually surrounded on three sides by Iowa. People driving to the airport from Omaha must drive into and out of Iowa. Iowa Airfare into these two cities will be much more affordable if your intention is to explore the wildlife refuges of the west or the enjoy gambling on the riverboat casinos on the Mississippi River.

Another good way to find cheap Iowa flights is to use the booking tool on this page that collects all the most economic airlines to Iowa in one place. This tool can also assist you in finding the best deals on hotels and car rentals. Another good choice for low cost Iowa airfare is to do some research on vacation packages that will often include flights to Iowa as well as your lodging. Sometimes, the packages will have a car rental included. Depending on the type of package, tours to various sites, tickets to events or admission to attractions will often be included. In order to obtain the cheapest airfare to Iowa it is also important to book your reservations as far in advance as possible. But be sure to do your research, as there can be fees and penalties for changing or canceling advance arrangements.

The only international airport in the state is in Des Moines, the capital city. This is the largest airport in the state. You can fly to Iowa and into this facility if you are arriving from outside the United States, although you will most likely have to connect in another major United States gateway. This often will be Chicago or Detroit. But if you are coming from Europe, your international flights to Iowa might connect in New York City or Atlanta. If you're coming from Asia, it may be Los Angeles or Seattle. Even if you're connecting in another city, your international airlines to Iowa will allow you to check your luggage all the way through to your final destination, as Des Moines Airport has Immigration and Customs facilities.

Even though there are airports in virtually every Iowa county, you can only fly to Iowa into seven other airports that accept commercial passenger traffic. The others are general aviation facilities primarily for private aircraft. There are direct flights to Iowa into these seven airports from a number of U.S. cities. They are not international airports, so you will have to clear Immigration and Customs in your connecting city en route if you are coming from another country. These airports are in Fort Dodge, Waterloo, Mason City, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Burlington, and Sioux City.

You have your choice of a good number of national U.S. airlines to Iowa if you are flying into Des Moines, Omaha, or the Quad Cities. The other airports have much more limited service, sometimes only one or two airlines. Once you fly to Iowa you'll find the best ongoing transportation may be making use of car rentals, since the attractions and things to do are scattered all over the state.

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