Iowa Camping

Iowa's been blessed with a diverse landscapes; it is bordered by major rivers, the Mississippi River in the east and the Missouri in the west. The state's abundance of lakes, rivers, streams, woods, and other beautiful natural lands makes the choice to go camping in Iowa a smart one for getting the out into the great outdoors.

All throughout the Hawkeye State, Iowa campsites provide the perfect backdrop for economical and memorable vacations not far from any attractions, waterparks, and cities large and small. Whether you're packing up the RV, hitching a trailer, or popping a tent, you'll find no shortage of places for camping in Iowa.

Because every campground has a different operating schedule, be sure to take that into account when deciding when to go camping in Iowa. It's a safe bet that Iowa camping providers are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, that wonderful time when the days are long and the weather's warm. For some Iowa campsites, winter is no obstacle, especially for hunters and fans of ice fishing.

KOA offers two different places for Iowa camping, Des Moines West and Onawa/Blue Lake. Both of these award-winning locales have cabins, hook-ups for RVs, and plenty of wide-open spaces for tents. These two campgrounds in Iowa offer many of the comforts of home and more, including wireless Internet connections, well-stocked general stores, fishing ponds, swimming pools, and a full schedule of things to do.

Aside from associations like KOA, there is also an array of independent campgrounds for more options for camping in Iowa. Some of the most interesting Iowa camping is found on the state's protected lands. Between the state parks, wildlife refuges, and recreational areas, those looking for Iowa campsites will find many wonderful places to pitch their tents or park RVs. The list of state parks includes many campgrounds in Iowa, from north to south and east to west. Up near the Minnesota border, the Okoboji region is home to glacier-carved lakes, and several state parks. One option for Iowa camping is one of the newest state parks, Elinor Bedell State Park, located along some of the last remaining open land on the shores of East Lake Okoboji. Half of the campsites can be reserved in advance, and the rest are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Stephens State Forest preserves the great outdoors in several sites south of Des Moines. Its Iowa campsites are available all year, and can accommodate RVs, tents, and trailers. While campers are staying at in the forest, they'll find many ways to enjoy nature, including hiking trails, hunting, and well-stocked fishing ponds.

Another place to look for campgrounds in Iowa is along Rathbun Lake just outside Centerville. This manmade lake, created by the Army Corps of Engineers partly to control flooding, is a favorite for watersports, swimming, and other funs of outdoor recreation. The Army Corps manages five campgrounds, a private concessionaire watchers over even more, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources welcomes campers to Honey Creek State Park. All of these Iowa campsites combine excellent access to the lakes and other natural surroundings with ample facilities for camping.

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