Iowa Car Rentals

Car rentals in Iowa work much as they do across the country and in any other state. How you go about making these arrangements is one thing. The other thing is that once you've secured your Iowa car rental you will find that you have more independence and freedom of movement to explore the sights and attractions of the state at your own pace. An Iowa rental car also provides you the opportunities to branch out and discover the neighboring states, including Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nebraska. And, having an Iowa rental car is important in a state that is so rural and agricultural, and where so many of the things to do are far from cities and not serviced by an airport.

Iowa airport car rental is available at all of the nine facilities servicing the state and that have commercial passenger traffic. These include two airports that aren't actually in the state at all. Omaha is set across the Missouri River border from Council Bluffs. In fact, a meander of the river means that Omaha is surrounded on three out of four sides by the state of Iowa. The Illinois airport that is located in Moline is called the Quad Cities Airport and services Davenport, which is just over the Mississippi River border. If your Iowa airport car rental takes advantage of one of these two options, be sure to advise the company you plan to enter Iowa and find out what different regulations or restrictions might apply.

The largest, and only international, airport in the state is in Des Moines. It (as well as Omaha and Quad Cities airports) has a variety of national chains located right in the terminal. Your choices for an Iowa airport car rental in any of these three places include Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, Budget, National, and Alamo.

The other seven airports only have one or two of the big name companies. There also may only be a limited choice of the national brands in the cities themselves. These airports are in Fort Dodge, Waterloo, Mason City, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Burlington, and Sioux City, which are small cities. Even if you don't have an Avis or a Hertz, these small cities all have one or two small, locally-owned and operated Iowa car rental companies. One of the attractions of the state is its rural feel and small town hospitality. You're apt to find some surprisingly personalized service at these local companies.

Some of the destinations that are resorts will have one or more Iowa car rental companies even though they are not serviced by a convenient commercial passenger airport. For instance, Lake Okoboji has a major national company outlet and a few small, locally-owned companies. Car rentals in Iowa like this are handy for vacation packages that might transfer you to and from your destination, but don't provide transportation for the time you have there.

Before you drive away in your Iowa rental car you want to ensure that you are familiar with the state's rules of the road. Companies offering car rentals in Iowa will generally supply you with a flyer providing the basic regulations concerning insurance, driver minimum age, and speed limits. They often will also provide you with maps and guides for various cities and the state, including most of the popular attractions and things to do. You'll find the cheapest prices and will have a better chance of getting your choice of vehicle if you book as far in advance of your scheduled arrival as possible.

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