Iowa City Iowa

Iowa City is located in the eastern region of Iowa, a short distant from popular destinations such as Davenport, Cedar Rapids, and Des Moines. Iowa City holds an important part of Iowa history as the first capital of the state. This history is seen throughout the town in places such as the old capital building and the first governor's house of Plum Grove, both of which are open to the public for touring. History is not all that Iowa City holds; the city is a modern bustling center for education and culture. There are numerous of fun and interesting things to do in Iowa City.

Iowa City Iowa is an important place in American literature. UNESCO has designated Iowa City as a City of Literature, making it a part of UNESCO Creative Cities Network. One of the popular Iowa City attractions is the Iowa Avenue Literary Walk, which is a series of bronze panels laid in the sidewalk that feature sample writings from artists who have ties to Iowa. One of the big Iowa City events is the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. This event is dedicated to workshops, events, and activities related to writing.

Other Iowa City events include any number of the events that take place during the annual Summer of the Arts. This is a summer-long celebration of the arts that hosts music festivals, art shows, and free weekly concerts in the downtown area. The Iowa City Jazz Festival is one of the biggest Iowa City events. This event attracts over 25,000 people to the area, all of which come to enjoy the music and history of jazz music in the Midwest. It is a free event, and a perfect option for a family summer vacation.

The Iowa City Arts Festival is also a part of the Summer of the Arts. This festival is held in June and lasts for a week. It is a great chance to view and purchase the works of local and regional artists. Not only does this festival showcase visual art, but the Culinary Row also offers visitors with a wide array of cuisines from regional to international. This festival also has free admittance. Festivals are a great free things to do in Iowa City.

The City Plaza, also known as the Pedestrian Mall, in downtown Iowa City Iowa is the place where these festivals, and numerous other Iowa City events take place. It is a center for fun and entertainment, and has become the most popular destination in Iowa City Iowa. City Plaza is home to countless restaurants and bars, and is the best place to find accommodations in Indiana. The best things to do in Iowa City are found in City Plaza.

Visiting Iowa City Iowa can easily be one of the most fun and cheapest vacations to Iowa. The area has a unique cultural flair and countless opportunities to enjoy the culture, most of which are free. Planning a trip to Iowa City will be a great choice for anyone wanting to enjoy this part of the Midwest.

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