Iowa City Hotels

Before Des Moines became the state capital, the revered title was first bestowed on Iowa City. This college town has much more to offer than just tons of university fun. Straddling the fast-flowing Iowa River, there a number of choices in cheap Iowa City lodging near a number of convenient amenities and attractions. Next to the university campus a small downtown area acts as a central social scene for most Iowans living within the city. Shopping, dining, and unique stores and shops create an atmosphere unique to Iowa City. Iowa City motels host plenty of guests either visiting or attending the university as well as plenty of business travelers.

One of the most unique aspects of university living is the many mainstay businesses and cheap Iowa City lodging kept alive by a young, money-conscious crowd. Catering to students as well as travelers on a budget, The Frugal Travel is one of lowest cost Iowa City hotels available, yet this low-cost option doesn't mean staying in unfavorable conditions. Though sparsely furnished, this budget-friendly alternative to low-cost Iowa City motels offers guests clean, simple rooms, complimentary wireless internet, and a kitchenette. There is no other accommodation in Iowa City quite like the Frugal Traveler, partly because of its location in the heart of the campus community. A wealth of fantastic dining options, numerous one-of-a-kind shops, and many bookstores are all within range.

The Brown Street Inn, situated appropriately along Brown Street close to a few other noteworthy lodging options, is a late twentieth-century building offering elegant accommodation rivaling some of the best Iowa City hotels. Brown Street Historical District offers a gentler, quieter take on this university town, edging forward to look into the city's history. Within walking distance to the downtown core and situated in one of the most picturesque areas, this isn't an option for cheap lodging in Iowa City, but its price tag is worth every penny.

Iowa City hotels offer a chance for guests to stay and explore this vibrant area and the many surrounding attractions. For travelers with rental cars, the half-hour drive into Cedar Rapids makes an excellent daytime excursions. Close by in West Branch, the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site is a significant point of interest. Iowa City hotels like Alexis Park Inn contribute to the tourist's penchant for unique places and spaces. Boasting an aviation theme, Alexis Park is only a mile from the university campus and the downtown. Each spacious suite features a specific period in aviation history, from Amelia Earhart to the Wright Brothers. Complimentary breakfast and internet access, in-room movies, a fitness room, onsite car rentals, full kitchens, and many other amenities are all available for guests.

With cheap Iowa City lodging settled, car rentals arranged, and an agenda free of responsibility, visitors should head over to one of the most intriguing cities in the state. Coralville is so named because it's built upon real fossilized coral deposits. Though Coralville lacks much of the personality Iowa City has, it can be an interesting place to visit for some good shopping and dining. During a visit, don't miss exploring Coralville Park and Devonian Fossil Gorge. Only a short drive from Iowa City motels is the historic and fascinating Amana Colonies where seven distinct villages exemplify life in the olden days. Other points of interest are the University of Iowa Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History, and lovely City Park.

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