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Chances are you have never taken time out to see what the Hawkeye State has to offer up. If you have, then you know that Iowa can be a joy to visit, regardless of what you like to do on vacation. Iowa may be a predominantly flat state, which lends itself to a myriad of easy and enjoyable hiking and biking trails. The rolling plains and stretching prairies are full of beautiful vistas, and for outdoors enthusiasts, Iowa offers plenty in the way of outdoors recreation. Hiking, biking, camping, and fishing are among the favorite activities to enjoy here, and for those who like golf, the state offers up some of the best public golf courses. When you get to Iowa, you will notice that the predominant selection of Iowa hotels comes in the form of the chain varieties. You can generally find some great discount lodging in Iowa, particularly in the winter. The state also has plenty of charming bed and breakfasts, and among the Iowa hotels are some nice upscale options.

For the sake of having a starting point, the capital city of Des Moines is where we will begin our Iowa overview. Des Moines is the state's cultural and governmental hub, meaning it will provide plenty of urban adventure. You might start exploring Des Moines by checking out the beautiful State Capitol Building, which is a masterpiece in architecture. You might want to take a tour of the Capitol Building, as well as one at the equally visually stunning Terrace Hill governor's mansion. In the summer months, the whole family will enjoy learning about past ways of life at the Living History Farms, and you can get more insight to Iowa's history at the Historical Museum and at the Iowa Hall of Pride. Where the city's museums, parks, historic houses and other attractions leave off in the day, the city's exciting nightlife and dining picks up at night. As far as the Des Moines hotels go, you can find just about every chain brand known to man. A great city for discount lodging in Iowa, the Des Moines hotels also have some more upscale options, such as bed and breakfasts and suite hotels that offer more space. A great selection of Des Moines hotels can be found either on the north or west sides, and downtown has a nice selection as well.

Just outside of Des Moines is where you will find the famed Bridges of Madison County, which have inspired a popular novel, and the subsequent movie that starred Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. Just six of the original 19 covered bridges remain today, and they are a joy for scenic drives and photographers. An interesting nugget of information about Madison County is that it is the birthplace of John Wayne, arguably America's most iconic actor. You can visit Wayne's childhood home, as well as a list of other historic homes. For a commanding view of the Middle River and its valley, the beautiful Clark's Tower is not to be missed. If you want to leave pretentiousness behind and allow yourself to relax in a most down-to-earth setting, you might consider visiting Madison County on the second full weekend of October when the Covered Bridge Festival is going on. As for Madison County hotels go, the bed and breakfasts are likely the best way to go. The town of Winterset is the closest to the covered bridges, and there you can find some inns and the chain variety of discount lodging in Iowa.

One of the areas that is a most popular Iowa vacation spot is the Quad Cities region. The Quad Cities are found on the banks of the Mississippi River, and the specific cities found here include, Davenport and Bettendorf, and the Illinois cities of Moline and Rock Island. Besides enjoying river activities and spotting the occasional bald eagle, the Quad Cities provide a full list of things to do. On the Illinois side, the Black Hawk State Historic Site offers up a 200-acre park that has miles of hiking trails. Black Hawk is just one of the many historical attractions found in the Quad cities, and the shopping, dining and nightlife scenes are exciting to explore. For extra excitement, you might check out the Quad Cities casinos, or book a river cruise. For some of the best Quad Cities hotels, the bed and breakfasts satisfy the needs of many visitors, and there is a full list of motels and hotels where you can find discount lodging in Iowa. You can find a pretty good amount of vacation packages to the Quad Cities that can also afford you some discount lodging in Iowa. The Quad Cities hotels have something for everyone, and if the Quad Cities hotels seem too comfortable and you prefer to rough it, you can try the area campgrounds.

Close to the border of Nebraska, Sioux City welcomes visitors looking for neat place in Iowa to visit. The National Civic League has named Sioux City as an "All American City" two times, and it is a hub of tourism for not only Iowa, but for Nebraska and South Dakota as well. Major attractions in Sioux City include, the Promenade Theater, The Sergeant Floyd River Museum and the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, but the list doesn't end there. The downtown Sioux City IA hotels have some nice options for well-appointed Iowa hotels, from which you can enjoy walking tours around the city and along the Missouri River. There are also the token options for discount lodging in Iowa to be found among the Sioux City IA hotels, and various inns and bed and breakfasts round out the Sioux City IA hotels options. Iowa is bordered by Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and throughout the region, open expanses of unspoiled terrain provide lodges, cabin rentals, and bed and breakfasts. If you have an Iowa itinerary planned, you can often find discount lodging in Iowa ahead of time by booking either a package deal or by finding online hotel deals.

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